Mandarin Oriental Cherry Garden Cantonese cuisine Singapore Restaurant Week

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Cherry Garden offers an eclectic menu of Cantonese cuisine, presented with artistic modern flair.
Entered via an antique doorway, the restaurant has been designed according to Feng Shui.
Charcoaled teak panels and slate floors recreate the look of a splendid Oriental residence.

Using fresh, seasonal produce, the menu offers authentic Cantonese dishes.
They are participating in the 1 Oct – 24 Oct, 2021 NESPRESSO SINGAPORE RESTAURANT WEEK AUTUMN
24 days of culinary experiences at over 100 amazing restaurants with amazing prices!
Lunch Set SG$58 p.p.

1st Course
Steamed Dim Sum Trilogy
Vegetarian combination (Veg)
2nd Course
Imperial hot and sour Australian lobster soup
Vegetarian dim sum trilogy (Veg)
3rd Course
Stir-fried green vegetables with mushrooms and scallops
Braised tofu with mixed vegetables and mushrooms in pumpkin sauce (Veg)
4th Course
Stir-fried wheat noodles with egg, vegetables, Kuro Buta char siew pork
Rice in superior broth with mixed vegetables and green tea leaves (Veg)
Final Course

Chilled mango with sago pearls, pomelo and lime sorbet

Dim Sum here is one of their signature dishes, so we really enjoyed having them, especially one of them has a small cute abalone on top.
Next, the hot and sour lobster soup is delicious. You can taste the wok-hei from the Stir-fried green vegetables with scallops.
The stir-fried noodle with Kuro Buta pork gives me a familiar Cantonese taste
Finish off with the sweet mango balanced with some pomelo and lime sorbet, a perfect finish to a satisfying meal.
A dinner set menu is also available for the restaurant week.
We definitely recommend you take advantage of this Restaurant week to book a session.
Book on or on diningcity app.

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