KOI Thé Bubble Tea


KOI Café was founded in 2006. The focus on quality and the signature heart-warming hospitality were successfully brought overseas with the opening of the first Singapore outlet in 2007.
In 2015, in order better convey the brand philosophy and to nurture tea culture, Ms. Khloé Ma officially changed the brand name to KOI Thé to put an emphasis on tea.
Freshly brewed tea and flavorful ingredients, prepared with passion are the key to KOI’s authentic taste.
KOI Express is launching their new Mango Series:

Mango Four Seasons Tea
Mango Black Tea
Mange Green Tea
Coco Mango Season Tea (with Ice Cream)

We love that the tea has the right sugar level for us and just full of flavour. Excellent selection of raw material, tea-brewing process, precision and consistency, and friendly service.
A celebration, a date or just a relaxing break in the day, there is always a reason to get together around a cup of KOI tea.

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