Sing Swee Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant


Singapore is known in the world for its Chicken rice. And Swee Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant is one of the established Chicken rice restaurant in Singapore.

Located in the city, right opposite the Raffles Hotel, along Seah Street, you can see many customers coming in for morning breakfast up till night supper.

What is unique here they serve the rice in the form of rice ball.

Traditional Chicken Rice Ball 传统鸡饭粒 which is quite big in size and $1 each

if you prefer a bit of fried rice in the form of rice ball, they have

Bite-Size Crunchy Chicken Rice Ball 香脆炸鸡饭粒 (3pcs) for around $2.50

Whole Chicken 一只鸡 cost about S$32.00 if you order dine in or takeaway from their store. Half a chicken is $17.00

We tried half roasted chicken and half white chicken (which is smooth silky texture)

Their soup is very popular and individual serving is $7.80 dine in.

We ordered the signature Premium Chicken Collagen Broth with Fish Maw and the Premium Collagen Seafood Sourp

You can add some side dishes and they have plenty to choose from, similar to zi-char. We ordered HomeMade Pipa Tofu with vegetables for $6.00

If you come alone and wanted individual portion, they have plenty of selection as well. As for drinks, we go for the Hong Kong Milk Tea.

No chicken rice is complete without the must-have chilli sauce, dark sauce, and ginger sauce. They have all these here and you can add them as you like.

As you can see the price is very reasonable, the ingredients is good quality, chicken texture is soft, smooth & yummy. I would highly recommend this restaurant if you are in the area, they have opened branches so check out their location online if you prefer somewhere nearer to your place.

Sing Swee Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant

35 Seah Street, , Singapore, 188391

Phone: +65 6337 7180

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