Compendium Spirits a local craft spirits distillery (Promo Code SGFOOD15 )


Compendium Spirits, a local craft spirits distillery specialising in handcrafted spirits with unique Asian flavours launched a new cocktail box flavour – Heritage’s Ode Cocktail Box.

Heritage’s Ode Cocktail Box
$98.00 – $126.00

About the Cocktail Boxes by Compendium Spirits x Section D: –

The collaboration between Compendium Spirits and Section D came about as both brands had one thing in common: the desire to create great flavours from scratch while keeping it real and authentic.

Heritage’s Ode Cocktail Box

A romantic ode to the beloved flavours of our Asian culinary heritage, Heritage’s Ode Cocktail Box is designed to please the palate with a familiar and comforting flavour experience and provide a warm embrace to the drinkers with their fondest memories of growing up at every sip.

In this latest collaboration between Compendium Spirits and Section D, they focused on Compendium Spirits’ signature brown spirits, Hom Mali Rice Whiskey and Dark Rum, to create a quintessentially classic and well-crafted cocktail pair laced with a trail of sweet nostalgia and a strong sense of belonging to one’s Asian roots – i) Rice Boulevardier & ii) Yuan Yang Grog. They recommend to sharing two cocktails with your loved ones (2 servings per cocktail), but if you’d like to indulge in silos, it’s completely understandable.

Rice Boulevardier:
Proud of bold and fragrant Rice Whiskey, they’ve decided to let it shine on its own terms in this cocktail following the classic and spirit-forward Boulevardier template, but with a twist. Rather than a citrus peel expression, found the saltiness of a crisp rice cracker to be the perfect accompaniment as you sip on this bold drink.

Yuan Yang Grog:
The lowly Grog is a working person’s drink, and this Singaporean spin on it using everyday tea and coffee flavours accentuates that notion while offering a thirst-quenching beverage that works great as a perk-me-up as you begin winding down for the evening. The best part? Easily customise it to your liking as you would with your order of ‘teh’ and ‘kopi’ in the morning.

This set includes:

Hom Mali Rice Whiskey (100ML) x 1
Dark Rum (100ML) x 1
‘L’ Yuan Yang Mix (Kopi-O and Teh-O Liqueur Mix, 100ML) x 1
‘C’ Campari (50ML) x 1
‘V’ Rosso Vermouth (50ML) x 1
Coconut Water x 1
Rice Cracker (Garnish) x 2
Honey Stick (Garnish) x 2
Dehydrated Lime Wheel* (Garnish) x 2
Compendium Spirits Signature Cocktail Recipe x 2
* Kindly keep dehydrated lime wheel refrigerated once received and consume within a month.

An option with a Cocktail Tool Set consisting a shaker, a jigger and a stirrer is available. All items will arrive in standard Kraft Paper carton.

They have just refreshed their campaign for the Heritage’s Ode Cocktail Box w.e.f today till 31 Oct. 2022, where they are giving away a free Cocktail Tool Set worth $28 with every purchase of the Heritage’s Ode Cocktail Box. The Cocktail Tool Set consists of a shaker, a jigger and a stirrer.

To enjoy this promotion, users just need to select the option “Heritage Box + Cocktail Tool Set” as they add the item to the shopping cart.

The 15% discount code is applicable on top of the above.

For more information, you can check out  website

Heritage’s Ode Cocktail Box Webpage: -cocktail/

Exclusive discount of 15% off storewide on website, effective from now till 31 Oct’22.
Using promo code – SGFOOD15 @section_d_bar

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