Dookki Korean Topokki Buffet


Dookki (which means 2 Meals in Korean) is an established brand in Korea, having more than 100 outlets worldwide. As it’s name implies, it’s a fun and delicious dining concept, which consist of 2 Meals. The 1st meal begins with the much loved authentic Korean signature dish of Topokki cooked to one’s preferred level of spiciness and continues on to the 2nd meal by adding to the remaining sauces ~ rice, kimchi etc. to concoct that all-time favourite Kimchi fried rice.

Here you can order sauce with different level of spiciness. We ordered a popular sauce Rose Cream Sauce which is pink in color. It is not so spicy and with creamy taste.
For drinks we have the Sparkling Peach and Orange which is included
The fried food alone is worth the price with Korean Honey Soy Fried Chicken, Original fried Chicken, Kimmari, Mandu, Gold Sotong Ball, fried Sweet Potato, Fried beancurd skin with fish paste, fried chick ball with cheese. For meat there is chicken slices and chicken luncheon meat.

A Double Cheese Ring consisting of cheese is also available as an Ala Carte order for cheese lovers who understands the delicious combination of Topokki with Cheese!
Topokki, literally translated as “rice cake” is a beloved Korean dish which comes in many variations and has a rich history.
With an unlimited supply of ingredients from the bar, you can enjoy endless amounts of topokki prepared in various way.
At Dookki, diners have fun creating their own unique recipes with friends and family.

After the 1st meal you can get the kimchi, seaweed and steam rice, corn kernel and prepare to cook your fried rice using the remaining sauce. Sprinkle some snow cheese for better taste and flavour. Ice cream is available as dessert at the end of your 2 meals

Student Lunch 90mins $14.80++
Lunch Special 90 mins $15.80++
Adult $18.80++
Child (110-130cm) $10.80++

Optional Ala carte:
Double Cheese Ring $9.80++
Snow Cheese (to be added on fried rice) $6.80++

Dookki is not a Halal Certified restaurant. However, they have a strict No Pork No Lard No Alcohol policy. We highly recommend this buffet for its great value and authentic taste, just like the taste when you are in Korea as they imported the key ingredients from Korea. We tasted the Topokki and it is the best tasting rice cake we have in Singapore.
Do come early as the restaurant can be filled up quite quickly.

Dookki Singapore
Suntec City East Wing #B1-107 TEL +65 6266 2425
Jcube #B1-11 TEL +65 6970 8834

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