KFC Cheesy Zinger Meltz_PR Images_Buddy Meal

Taking on a playful approach of introducing the limited-time only Cheesy Zinger Meltz, KFC Singapore teased its fan with an “accidental” social media post on its social media platforms on 1st September (Thursday). The post featured an image of the Cheesy Zinger Meltz with minimal context, suggesting that consumers can expect the return of Meltz on the menu. The “leaked content” stayed on KFC Singapore’s social media platform for two hours, and was further amplified by a meme posted on SGAG’s social media platforms.  

 Now, KFC Singapore fans need not wonder when the crowd’s favourite Meltz will be back, with the introduction of the latest KFC Cheesy Zinger Meltz this September. No, it is not the same versions of Meltz that have graced the menu previously, but Yes – it is an equally delicious cheesy, spicy and crispy rendition of Meltz.

 Warmly snuggled up in a golden and crispy toasted tortilla, the Cheesy Zinger Meltz features KFC Singapore’s signature flavours in a bite – spicy and crunchy Zinger fillet that is fried to golden perfection, cut into chunks and drenched with savoury KFCheese sauce, accompanied by freshly sliced tomatoes, crunchy nachos, shredded mozzarella and cheddar.

 The one-of-a-kind Cheesy Zinger Meltz is available à la carte at S$6.60 and in various meal options starting from S$8.20. This exclusively new iteration will be available from 7 September 2022 at all KFC outlets (excluding Singapore Zoo and Singapore Polytechnic) and KFC Delivery for a limited period. Skip the queue and order via the KFC Singapore app to be one of the first to try out the Cheesy Zinger Meltz!


À la carte Cheesy Zinger Meltz @ S$6.60

Cheesy Zinger Meltz Meal @ S$8.20

·      1 Cheesy Zinger Meltz

·      1 medium Fries

·      1 regular Coke® Zero Sugar

Cheesy Zinger Meltz Box @ S$9.95

·     1 Cheesy Zinger Meltz

·     1 piece Chicken

·     1 regular Fries  

·     1 regular Whipped Potato  

·     1 regular Coke® Zero Sugar

Cheesy Zinger Meltz Buddy Meal @ S$19.45


·     1 Cheesy Zinger Meltz

·     3 pieces Chicken

·     6 pieces Nuggets

·     2 regular Whipped Potato 

·     2 regular Coke® Zero Sugar



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