AWADH is a new concept of Indian regal cuisine in Singapore, a feast fit for a king

AWADH is a new concept of Indian regal cuisine in Singapore, a feast fit for a king. Awadhi cuisine is a unique synthesis of Hindu and Islamic heritage in its style of cooking.

Awadhi cuisine is native to the city of Lucknow and was once known to fill the royal kitchens of the Awadh Nawaabs. The cuisine reflects the city’s rich history and is a result of a blend of cultures including that of the Persians, the Moghuls and the natives of the Indo-Gangetic plain.Awadhi Cuisine is known for its royal taste, aroma and delectable flavours and is a craft perfected by chefs over generations.

They bring to you the adab and tehzeeb of Awadhi culture in the form of service par excellent. Tasting menus are also on the cards which will allow guests to sample small portions of a variety of Awadhi dishes, paired with a wine or single malt of their choice.

The chefs belong to the famous Qureshi family of Master-chefs from Lucknow. Generations of this family have been trained to render an exquisite culinary spread, fit for the Nawabs (Emperors). Only specially trained chefs have access to the secret recipes hence it is impossible to replicate the taste

Legacy of Lucknawi Cuisine

The celebrated history of the India feels incomplete without mentioning the grandeur of Awadhi cuisine. While the elements were partially derived from the Persian inhabitants and their culinary culture, Awadhi cuisine primarily assumes an independent form, based on the preferences of the Nawabs of Lucknow, previously known as The Awadh region.

Awadhi Master-chefs have a massive repertoire of exceptional and palatable items. Therefore, the focus is always to include Awadhi delicacies, including main course specialties, starters like melt-in-the-mouth  Galawat Kebabs (The King of Kebabs with over 25 spices), Murgh Pasanda, Seekh Niloferi, Sabz Shami and unique desserts like Shahi Tukda, Apple Jalebi, which are unique and never introduced in South East Asia before.

At AWADH, the use of spices is done in a restrained yet celebrated manner. The chefs temper the dishes with aromatic herbs, spices, flavoured ghee, and saffron. AWADH’s chefs rely on the age-old secret recipes which are their family heirloom, and not revealed to public at large.

This cuisine uses more than a 120 spices, all of which are worth their weight in gold! It is a dying art, which the AWADH aims to resuscitate and popularise in the food paradise city of Singapore. If you seek authentic and unadulterated royal Indian indulgence, please pay the AWADH a visit.
AWADH has the best set of chefs who have mastered the dying art and are focused on offering the authentic taste of the Lucknawi cuisine. 



Fragrant chicken broth, an Awadhi signature recipe.


A staple in Awadhi cuisine, melt-in-your-mouth mutton patties with a blend of over 25 rare spices complemented with Mughlai paratha & yogurt mint chutney


Pan seared chicken marinated in whole spices, best complemented with magaj naan.


Chargrilled boneless pieces of fish gently marinated in tandoori spices and thickened yoghurt.Served with a tomato bell pepper chutney


Garlic marinated prawns chargrilled in the tandoor ovenServed with a mint sauce


Broccoli florets marinated in a creamy marinade of cashew paste, chargrilled in the tandoor,



Mutton cooked with fried onions and tomato paste and a blend of aromatic spices.
MURGH MAKHNI JEHANGIRIPopularly known as butter chicken; succulent pieces of chicken in a mildly spiced creamy tomato gravy.


Seasonal green vegetables with a choice of corn or cubes of cottage cheese.


combination of yellow and red lentils tempered with cumin and green chillies, best complemented with crisped buttered tandoori roti.


Crisp okra in a delicate spice mix



Our unique take on the common jalebi, granny-smith green apple slices covered in a spiced batter and steeped in sweet syrup.

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Although they are not halal certified, they use only Halal ingredients. The chefs are devout Muslims who exclusively cook & eat only Halal food.



176 orchard road

Center point

Singapore 238843

+65 9385 5337

+65 6909 9971

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