Christmas Promotion Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Cereal Roast Turkey

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium - Cereal Roast Turkey with Salted Egg Sauce

                                                                                   Cereal Roast Turkey, $138 nett

A new addition to the Christmas Takeaway Menu, the Cereal Roast Turkey draws inspiration from local zi char’s Cereal Prawn and Chicken where the cereal is pre-fried in a blend of chilli, butter and curry leaves. The fragrant crispy bites that we can’t get enough of are then sprinkled all over the turkey that’s slow-roasted to retain the turkey’s moisture and give each bite an aromatic burst of flavour. Eat it on its own or dip it in Salted Egg Sauce and have it with Egg Fried Rice and Fried Vegetables that’s packaged along with the Cereal Roast Turkey.

Executive Chef Chua Yew Hock’s Chocolate Banana Log Cake returns for the second year. Baked using Chef Chua’s secret recipe, this log cake’s popularity skyrocketed when it was launched last year. Loved by all ages, this is one dessert that’s a classic favourite, perfect for hosting and gifting.

The other highlight goes to Rasberry Sleigh Log cake, a new flavour that is laced with raspberry and frosted with vanilla. The acidity of the raspberries gives balance to the sweetness of the cake and every bite carries you away with a refreshing and fruity note.

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium - Chocolate Banana Log Cake

                    Chocolate Banana Log Cake, $88 nett

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium_Raspberry Sleigh Log Cake

                                                    Raspberry Sleigh Log Cake, $88 nett

Festive     takeaways      can     be      purchased     from      Holiday     Inn      Singapore      Atrium’s     eshop ( from now to 26 Dec 2021, for collection from 1 Dec 2021 to 2 Jan 2022. Order before 9 Dec 2021 to enjoy an early bird discount of 20% (key in promo code XMAS20 upon checkout). Orders amounting $300 and above will be entitled to free delivery.

BONUS! With a minimum spend of $150, receive a complimentary $50 room credit voucher (redeemable till 30 Dec 2022).


Christmas Buffet at Atrium Restaurant

From 22 Nov 2021, diners will be treated to a yuletide feast at Atrium Restaurant. Apart from perennial favourites such as Oysters and Salmon Sashimi, expect Beef Stifatho (Greek Beef & Onion Stew), Lamb Kofta, Bread & Butter Pudding and Chocolate Banana Log Cake. New creation, Cereal Roast Turkey with Salted Egg Sauce, will also be available on selected dates at Atrium Restaurant. Reservations can be made here.

Christmas Buffet 

From 22 Nov 2021 – 1 Jan 2022

Adult: from $72++*

Child: from $20++

A 50% discount for adults applies through 1 Jan 2022!

*Prices shown above are before discount. 

^Menu will be subject to changes. 


                Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium - Rudolph Bundle


Raspberry Sleigh Log Cake (New!) 8 – 10 pax 1kg $88.00
Chocolate Banana Log Cake (Bestseller!) 8 – 10 pax 1kg $88.00
Traditional Roasted Marinated Turkey (Bestseller!)

Served with Roasted Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables,

Cranberry Sauce & Giblet Gravy      

7 – 8 pax 4.5kg $138.00
Cereal Roast Turkey (New!)

Served with Egg Fried Rice, Fried Vegetables and Salted Egg Sauce             

7 – 8 pax 4.5kg $138.00
Honey Glazed Gammon Ham

Served with Pineapple Sauce, Market Vegetables and Roasted Potatoes               

10 – 12 pax 3kg $168.00
Slow-baked Australian Grain-fed Beef Ribeye

Served with Seasonal Vegetables, Roasted Potatoes and

Truffle Jus            

3 – 4 pax 1kg $148.00
Slow-roasted Australian Leg of Lamb

Served with Provence Herbs, Thyme Jus, Seasonal

Vegetables, Roasted Potatoes         

7 – 8 pax 3kg $168.00
Roasted Chicken stuffed with Peach (Bestseller!)

Served with Market Vegetables, Roasted Potatoes and Rosemary Jus

5 – 6 pax 1.9kg $78.00
Potato Gratin with Gruyere Cheese (Bestseller!) 5 – 6 pax 1.5kg $28.00
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Turkey Bacon and Herbs 5 – 6 pax 1.5kg $28.00
Roasted Root Vegetables with Thyme 5 – 6 pax 1.5kg $28.00
Santa Claus’ Bundle (Bestseller!)

4.5kg of Traditional Roasted Turkey with stuffing,

Giblet Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Market Vegetables &

Roasted Potatoes accompanied with 2kg Honey Glazed

Ham with Pineapple Sauce, 1kg of Raspberry Vanilla Log

Cake  & a bottle of House Red Wine

10 – 12 pax 4.5 Kg Turkey +

2kg Honey Ham +

1kg of Log Cake +

1 House Red Wine

Rudolph’s Bundle (New!)

4.5kg of Roast Cereal Turkey with Fried Rice, Market Vegetables and Salted Egg Sauce, accompanied with

800gm Pan-seared Salmon Fillet with Dill Sauce, 1kg of

Chocolate Banana Log Cake & a bottle of House White Wine

10 – 12 pax 4.5 Kg Turkey +

800gm Salmon +

1kg Log Cake +

1 House White Wine


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