SHAO’s Signature BBQ Crab has its roots in the traditional Teochew Cold Crab

@shaobbq SHAO’s Signature #BBQ #Crab has its roots in the traditional Teochew Cold Crab. From the traditional recipe, they infused tastes and eating styles from different cultures and after many iterations, the BBQ Crab was born. They focused on using basic ingredients to enhance and bring out the natural sweetness and flavor of the crabs. SHAO is a meeting place where people can share and enjoy good food. SHAO also means roast and #barbeque. They have created a unique menu, centring around the theme of roast and barbeque.

We recently tried some of their signature dishes, and would like to recommend them:

Steam Crab with Vermicelli, the size of the crab is just nice and the shell is not very thick so making it easier to eat and lots of crab meat. The vermicelli soaks up the essence of the crab broth. Overall a very delicious crab dish.

Sliced Fish Claypot “Pao Fan” Porridge, I like Pao Fan, particularly the crispy texture of the grains mixed with the porridge. This dish is comforting with the fresh fish slices. The serving size is quite generous and the fish slices very fresh. #paofan #porridge

Signature Sotong Sausage, this is a very special dish that I think can only be found here. #Sotong is cut into pieces and mix with the ink to make into a sausage which then slice and fried into this dish. Quite delicious actually and we love having this with the special chilli sauce.

Salted Egg Yolk Yam, this dish is delicious with a nice fried yam texture in the luscious yellow sauce.

Roast Pork Belly, another popular dish here and a must try.

Pan-Fried Spain Iberico Pork, tender slices of the pork, you can finish the while dish by yourself.

Homemade Yam Paste Orh Nee, very popular Teochew dessert served at the correct texture and flavor.

Purple rice with Ice cream ball, a cold dessert that is welcoming in this hot weather.

Japanese Orion Draft Beer, very refreshing draft beer. Actually I notice there are wide selection of drinks at SHAO so there is something for everyone.

For reservations and enquiries 6610 9233 , 117 Frankel Ave, Singapore 458232

Singapore wide delivery available. Visit



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