DiningCity Singapore Restaurant Week Shabestan Middle Eastern restaurant



2023 Singapore Restaurant Week Spring Edition from 7 to 30 April

Booking on diningcity app or http://www.restaurantweek.sg

Shabestan, an award-winning Middle Eastern restaurant in Singapore, brings the true taste of Persian cuisine to Singapore. Located in Robertson Quay, Shabestan bring the best of Middle Eastern cuisine to Singapore since 2013, by using authentic Persian spices, herbs and cooking techniques. Shabestan uses premium Halal lamb, Halal beef, Halal chicken, Halal fish and pairs it with the finest of ingredients such as saffron, olive oil, pomegranates, prunes, raisins, nuts and more. Bringing a truly authentic Persian gastronomic experience to Singapore

We ordered the 6-Course Dinner Set S$ 119++ specially curated for Singapore Restaurant Week.

Salatah Aljarjir (Gluten Free)

Shawrbuh Lisan Aleusfur

Hims Bialfilfil Alahmir Almashwii (Gluten Free)

MAIN COURSE – Charcoal Grilled Kebabs
Chicken Masti (Gluten Free)
Samak Mashwiun (Gluten Free)
Halabi Kebab (Gluten Free)

Moussaka ⓥ (Gluten Free)

Kanafih Bialayis Karim

The Salatah Aljarjir was fresh and flavorful. The Shawrbuh Lisan Aleusfur, a soup, was hearty and comforting. For mezzes, I had the Hims Bialfilfil Alahmir Almashwii, which was a spicy and delicious dip that paired well with bread. The Charcoal Grilled Kebabs were the highlight of the meal. The Chicken Masti and Halabi Kebab, were cooked to perfection and bursting with flavour.
The Moussaka was also a standout dish. The tender vegetables and aromatic spices made for a satisfying and nourishing meal. For dessert, I tried the Kanafih Bialayis Karim, a sweet and rich pastry that was the perfect ending to a fantastic meal.
Overall, I highly recommend this restaurant for their flavorful and diverse menu

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