Ying Izakaya bar Charcoal grilled Kushiyaki & Shabu Shabu


The newly opened Ying Izakaya bar is located at Bugis Point, 530 North Bridge Road, opposite Bugis Junction.
Among many items, their signature dishes are the Charcoal grilled Kushiyaki, which is prepared by experienced chefs.
Diners may grill their own on individual charcoal stoves, if they prefer, however, they will have to be seated outdoor because of the hot charcoal stove.
Alternatively, the chef will prepare and grill the skewers in the kitchen and guests could enjoy them in the indoor air-conditioned restaurant. The price of each skewer starts from $1

Another must-try is the new Shabu Shabu. The latest addition to the menu. Enjoy piping hot Shabu Shabu with selection of Premium Beef, Iberico Pork, Chicken and more!!!
Cook at your table with the custom stoves.

Shabu Shabu Miso Soup Base $8
Pork Shabu Set for one $24
Fresh Oyster with Japanese Dressing $8
Amaebi Kaarage $10,
Crispy Chicken Skin $10
Chawanmushi Ikura $12
Unagi Fried Rice $24

They also have a wide selection of drinks to go with the delicious food. This is a great place to grill some skewers over piping hot charcoal while catching up with friends over drinks.

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