@twobakeboys A husband and wife team working in the aviation industry was affected during last year’s Covid19 period and so they use their free time to develop a Thai Milk Tea crepe cakes business.
Two Bake Boys — named in honour of Kitty’s two sons — was launched last year.
The founder Kitty’s Thai-style crepe cake recipe was from Bangkok where she was from.

They use Specially-sourced Thai ingredients. Most of her ingredients are imported from Thailand, and the tea she uses is specially picked to recreate the authentic flavour of cha yen — the style of sweet, spice-kissed, creamy milk tea one finds in Thailand.

Kitty makes the crepe cakes as she likes them: less sweet, with thin and soft layers, and an overall melt-in-your-mouth effect. She is constantly trying to improve her crepe cakes through her customers’ suggestions.

To assemble crepe cake is time-consuming as she need to layer on 20 layers of tea infused crepe, layering them with whipped cream. Since it is all done by hand, each day there is limited number of cakes available.

We recently tried the TBB Box set, all 8 flavors in one box so that we could try all the flavors. Yes they are soft and creamy, melt in your mouth feel. Some additional sauce comes with the cake so I try some on and it enhances the taste and makes it sweeter with additional sauce. Very thoughtful of Kitty.
For those who prefer less sweet than just enjoy as it is. Each layer of crepe is covered with cream so Kitty really pay attention to every detail, even the packaging is suitable and presentable.
You can also order whole cake and cut it at home.
The Thai milk tea really highlights the authentic Thai milk tea taste.
For more info and ordering, visit , remember to order in advance as limited qty can be produced each day.

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