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Spreading Christmas joy in 2020

It’s that time of the year again and there is no better way to celebrate this season of joy and gratitude by sharing food from Cedele. This year, Cedele goes back to its roots by exploring recipes that was loved by customers and from where they began at a small store in Siglap till today with 28 retail store presence in Singapore. Upholding the ethos of “Eat Well, Be Well”, each item is crafted with care and intention to be positively delicious for you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Giving thanks – 10% off for Healthcare workers
2020 has been a challenging year for the world especially for our healthcare workers, who have been devoting extra of their time and energy to keep Singapore safe amidst this pandemic. As a small token of appreciation this Christmas, Cedele will be offering a 10% discount on all festive products* and hope that this small gesture will bring joy to our fearless healthcare workers and their family this Christmas. *T&C applies

Cedele Christmas Signature


Butterscotch Maple Carrot Cake
Inspired by the warm bonds made during Christmas,
Cedele created a special Christmas rendition of their
Signature Carrot Walnut cake! This log cake features a
moist spiced carrot layered with fragrant maple-infused
cream cheese. A decadent butterscotch white chocolate
truffle log is sprinkled with toasted walnuts is added in the
middle for that extra indulgence!

This cake is Cedele’s proudest creation this year with
sweet notes of butterscotch embracing the warm flavors of
holiday spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Cedele’s carrot
walnut cake has been a crowd’s favorite since the
beginning and for this is the first time in 23 years and just
for this Christmas, Cedele has recreated a cake that has
brought people joy for so many years.
A must-try!



Hojicha Yuzu Block Cake
For the absolute tea lovers! This stunning Christmas cake
features 12 alternate layers of soft and fragrant Matcha
sponge and bold Hojicha cream cheese frosting. A layer of
zesty yuzu curd is added to give this cake a refreshing boost!

This cake is created to serve customers with a cake that is
high in antioxidants to improve the immune system. This
gorgeous cake combines both the delicate Matcha and
smoky bold Hojicha notes with a tart yuzu layer in the middle
to balance off the whole cake. One will be delighted to
experience this unique combination of bold flavours that
blends so well together.
Serves 8




Christmas Brioche Wreath with Spinach Onion Cheese
Beautiful buttery Christmas brioche buns served with a
creamy spinach onion cheese dip. Truly a Christmas table
masterpiece and great as an appetizer!

This stunning Christmas Brioche Wreath bread is inspired by
traditional Christmas table centerpieces that sits in between
all dinner table conversations. Rather than an idle piece,
Cedele wants customers to have an edible table appetizer
that looks magnificent and ready to be part of conversations
and laughter. This is also inspired from the scene at Cedele’s
first store in Siglap where friends gather to have a cup of
coffee over a large loaf of bread.

Simply pull off a brioche bun and dip it in the homemade
creamy spinach onion cheese dip. Great as a gift to impress
your friends!




Christmas Panettone
A classic Italian Christmas fruit bread to share with
family. This sweet brioche contains whole slow-poached
lemons, orange peels, cranberries and apricots.
Handcrafted and baked in our kitchen for unbeatable

Cedele’s Christmas Panettone is like no other. Unlike
store-bought Panettone that are packed in boxes and full
of preservatives, this exquisite Christmas bread is made
fresh daily with whole fresh fruits and free of
preservatives. Handmade and full of love! Fun fact: this
Panettone received lots of love when Cedele distributed
the mini version in hospitals to cheer on our Healthcare
workers and bring them an early Christmas!




Rosemary & Butter-Roasted Turkey
Cedele’s signature Christmas turkey is rubbed with
rosemary and basted with butter broth every half hour to
keep the meat moist and juicy. The bird is also stuffed
and roasted together with a medley of green apples,
apricots, prunes and lemons to give it extra tenderness
and flavor of sweetness.

Turkey is slow-roasted for 4 hours and sent to customer’s
homes, freshly baked and never frozen.
Comes with spiced cranberry strawberry sauce, moreish
turkey gravy and Christmas couscous salad.

For the past 23 years, Cedele has been serving freshly
roasted turkey and delivering to customers on the same
This ensures that all the flavours are kept fresh in the bird
and customers receives a turkey that they can enjoy
immediately without the hassle of heating up again. The
extra time can be spent with friends and family.



Curried Kabocha Squash Gratin (Vegan)
Sweet Japanese pumpkin layered with russet potato and
finished with a homemade red curry coconut sauce.
Topped with curry leaves and toasted coconut shreds.
Who says that Christmas dishes have to be western
influenced? This recipe is developed from Cedele’s
founder’s love for curry and combining her recipe with a
holiday ingredient – pumpkin. Customers can expect a
burst of fragrant curry while biting into thinly sliced layers
of baked Japanese pumpkin and russet potato. This
exquisite dish is also vegan and gluten-free!


Gingerbread Cookies
Featuring a 23-year-old recipe from the biscuit tin
belonging to our Founder. This Gingerbread Cookie is
lightly spiced with heartwarming Christmas flavours of
ginger, cinnamon & nutmeg.
A kid’s favorite and definitely a Christmas must have!
Cedele’s gingerbread cookie recipe is 23-year-old and
still one of the best-selling cookies every Christmas. Kids
love to hang them, adults love to eat them, everyone love
to give them away as gifts.


Premium Tea Cookies Collection
Perfect for Tea-holics! Light and buttery tea-infused
cookies perfect for afternoon tea!

With leisure international travel still on hold this festive
season, let Cedele bring you around the world with
cookies infused with the best loved teas from around
the world.

Earl Grey Tea: Good Day! These cookies are infused
with floral bergamot flavor and every bite brings you to
the streets of London.

French Rose Tea: Bonjour! Romantic buttery cookie
made with real French rose buds!
Hojicha Shortbread: Konichiwa! Buttery shortbread
cookies infused with bold hojicha flavor and topped off
with organic sugar crystals for that extra luxe.
Green Tea Almond Shortbread: Ni Hao! Fragrant
mountain green tea infused into butter shortbread and
mixed in with crushed almonds


Christmas Tea & Cookies Hamper
For this year, Cedele has put together 7 thoughtful
hampers in starting from $38 to $55, and 2 premium
hampers at $128 and $168. These hampers are put
together with the user in mind; eg. this Christmas Tea &
Cookies Hamper includes 1 tin of Cedele’s assorted
Christmas Cookies and Tea to go along while enjoying
the cookies. The prices of these hampers are also kept
affordable so more gifts can be sent out to the people
that you care about.


Other favorites:

1 Vegan Earl Grey Belgian Chocolate Berries Cake Vegan
2 Flourless Chocolate Log Cake Gluten-free
3 Chocolate Cookies Collection Back by popular demand
4 Assorted Butter Shortbread
5 Classic Minced Pie Christmas Classic
6 Christmas Tomahawk & Meat Platter Great for sharing!
7 Lobster & Crab Quiche

Welcome to Cedele


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