Chinatown Food Street Reopened on 1st December


Chinatown Food Street is Reopening on 1st December

Set to bring life back to Chinatown and welcome Singaporeans to “Uncover Joy” (吃 喝 尝 乐) at the iconic food street, diners can satisfy their food cravings and get more value for their buck, with six new steamboat and BBQ ala carte buffet concepts.

The six new ala carte buffet concepts feature Singaporeans’ most loved steamboats and BBQ cuisines, namely 老东北烧烤 Chinese BBQ, 牛车水叻沙火锅 Chinatown Laksa Steamboat, 舌尖上麻辣火锅 Mala Steamboat, Hongdae Korean BBQ, Nabemono Shabu Shabu and S88 Mookata Steamboat – priced from $19.90 to $23.90 nett per adult and $12.90 nett per child (aged 3 to 12), for a minimum of 2 diners each time.

Spice things up at Hongdae Korean BBQ with signature marinated meats like black pepper beef short rib, original garlic pork belly and spicy bulgogi chicken. Take your pick from a sukiyaki, miso or even a soya milk soup base at Nabemono Shabu Shabu and a selection of Japanese oden, udon, leafy produce, dipping sauces and thinly sliced quality meats. Helmed by former fine-dining chef Daniel Lim, who was celebrated for his nimono and agemono at restaurants including Shinzo and Hinoki, his techniques for delivering the intricate Japanese flavour is one of many culinary finesses being introduced to the street in this reopening.

Alongside its rich history and delicious food, the street also serves the success stories of its tenants, including one from Famous Eunos Bak Chor Mee.

‘Always 99’ Promotion Not-To-Be-Missed
Chinatown Food Street’s new ‘Always 99’ is a thematic promotion for ala carte style items, going at $0.99, $1.99, $9.90 or similar price points across all of its reopened stalls between December 2020 and January 2021. Diners can look out for attractive promotions, such as the limited-time-only $9.90 deal for the first 30 customers at each of the new steamboat and BBQ concept during dinner times from 1 – 6 December 2020 and char siew rice from Tiong Bahru Meng Kee Roast Duck at just $1.99 (U.P. $5.00).

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