Siang Garden Singapore Seafood Tze Char stall


Siang Garden Singapore is a Chinese Tze Char stall which provides a wide array of exquisite and mouthwatering seafood dishes.

Some of the signature dishes we tasted and worth recommending are:

Lobster white mee hoon $26, The White Mee Hoon is served on opeh leaf, and with good “wok hei” Apparently, the opeh leaf can enhance the flavor of Fried White Mee Hoon, when it wrapped or serve with opeh leaf. We love the chunky lobster meat too, which is delicious.

Another new dish is the Chicken floss pork rib $13(S) $20(L), Sweet pork rib coated with chicken floss and cook to the right texture.  Soft and juicy pork ribs with a good balance of fats and lean meat. Surprisingly good and hard to find dish even in a top Chinese restaurant.

Oyster egg $8(s) $12(L)
We are glad chef choose to use big oysters here for the fried oyster egg. Yummy taste.

Signature Curry fish head $23, the fish head here has plenty of meat with spicy curry. Perfect to enjoy with rice.

Seafood Yam ring $20: The Yam ring is always a popular choice when dining at Tze Char stall
The yam keep the ring shape well and texture is great. Chef top the yam ring with plenty of #seafood.

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Siang Garden is Located at
892C woodlands dr 50
#01-02 S732892
Tel: 6363 8837
Business Hours 1130-2200 Daily
*From woodlands mrt and you walk to thomson East Coast mrt and exit 5

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