Kin Tub Thai Steamboat – Authentic Thai Steamboat (Mookata) in Singapore




Kin Tub Thai Steamboat – Authentic Thai Steamboat (Mookata) in Singapore

Looking for a place for dinner/ supper you can head to Kin Tub Thai Steamboat @kintubthaisteamboat

Formerly located at the Peace Center, they have relocated to 51 Boat Quay a few months ago. The prices are reasonable and we had the A1 Standard Platter(for 2) and marble beef and scallop as additional dishes.

The platter was quite big in size with a mix of everything including big prawns, pork, chicken, cheese fish cake, fishball, veggies etc.

The seafood was fresh and the meat was well seasoned and that made it very flavorful and tender when it was bbq over the charcoal steamboat.

The main special feature here is the use of charcoal for the steamboat, you get consistent heat, even distribution, the heat is just strong enough and not too strong that it will burn the meat easily. Not easy operationally so we find the flavour very traditional, nothing that a modern burner can create.

The staffs there were also very helpful to our request to add more hot charcoal or more soup so we can bbq the ingredient much faster.

Another special here is the chilli sauce which goes well with both seafood and meat.

Right now there are indoor and outdoor seating, and next month they will also take over some space along the river so you get river view while dining here also



To avoid disappointment, do reserve your tables via WhatsApp or dial in at 97879465.

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