Sio Grill Western Food Mixed Grill


Sio Grill has just opened a store at Block 443 Clementi Ave 3, which is next to the Clementi Bus Interchange and the MRT.
We tasted some of their popular items and would like to recommend them

MIXED GRILL $12.00, Pork Chop, Chicken Chop, and big Pork sausage, including a generous portion of Curly fries, and fresh vegetables.
This is a super good value mix of three meat and including curly fries, so individual item when 12 divided by 4 = $3 per meat/curly fries

Next is the Half Deep Fried Chicken with Chef Special sauce (you will like the sauce) a portion of fried rice and fresh vegetables.
For $7.90, this is again great value for half chicken, plus the portion on fried rice is quite large and the rice is full of flavour.
You can request to switch to pasta if you do not want rice. The Chef’s sauce is a bit spicy and a bit sour so it goes well with the meat and the rice.

Now my favorite is the Nachos Mayo Crispy Chicken Cutlet only $7.90. Generous Nachos and Mayo on top of the deep fried crsipy chicken cutlet that is still juicy on the inside
It comes with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. The mashed potatoes are good quality compare to other stalls.

The fourth item will be the FISH AND CHIPS, which is my go-to dish whenever I go for the western grill.
Here good quality dory is used and you can immediately taste the difference compared to other western stalls.
There are two pieces of fish compare to one piece in some places. For $7.90 this is a good deal too.
The fries are crispy too and come with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.

Prices are net and so its good value

@siogrill Block 443 Clementi Ave 3

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