Kanadaya Ramen Singapore recently improved their Tonkotsu Mix Ramen


@kanadaya.sg Kanadaya Ramen Singapore recently improved their Tonkotsu Mix Ramen.
The new and improved Tonkotsu Mix Ramen, made with Tonkotsu broth and improved homemade chicken broth, pairing it with perfect al dante wheat noodles.
The mix ramen is delicious giving a smooth taste.

Chicken Paitan Ramen. New and improved Chicken Paitan Ramen, the only option in Kanada-Ya’s menu that comes with chicken broth and yellow wavy noodles.
We love this yellow wavy noodle and the chicken broth goes well with it.

Calamari Tempura. Calamari covered in light tempura batter giving it the perfect crispy crust paired with creamy and refreshing tartar sauce
The light tempura batter does not make you feel heavy even after having the entire dish.

Shrimp Tempura. Juicy prawns wrapped with super crispy tempura batter paired with Kanada-Ya’s homemade tempura sauce.
The light batter does not overpower the shrimp and allows you to bite on the shrimp giving you a good texture.

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