Yan’s Dining 嬿青私房菜 大閘蟹 Hairy Crab Promotion 2020



Yan’s Dining 嬿青私房菜
Presenting exquisite and authentic Shanghai dishes to all the food-lover. From the signature platter, Old Shanghai Smoked Fish to all-time Shanghainese favourite, Shanghai Braise Meat with Abalone, to authentic Shanghai dessert, Shanghai Traditional Glutinous Rice Cake.
Housed within the illustrious Mandarin Gallery and featuring an elegant environment, Yan’s Dining 嬿青私房菜 brings you great dining experience and hospitality.
Some of the signature dishes we have tasted recently, as well as introducing the Hairy Crab season now, $138++ for one Crab and $198++ for Two crab.
Come experience and learn the ways to enjoy the hairy crab here. The crabs are best paired with 绍兴花雕酒 Chinese wine , served steamy hot , if you prefer to have it fusion, try Pairing it with the Palomino Fino wine
#蒜蓉拌日本脆瓜 Pickled Cucumber Skin Roll

#上海花雕话梅醉鸡 Shanghai Drunken Chicken

Stewed Wheat Gluten with Black Fungus & Mushrooms
#玉佛寺素鹅 Vegetarian Goose

#上海熏鱼 Old Shanghai Smoked Fish

#雪菜黄鱼汤 Yellow Croaker Fish Soup with Snow Cabbage

#砂锅粉皮笋壳鱼汤 Clay Pot Soon Hock Fish Soup with Vermicelli

#蟹粉豆腐 Crab Meat with Bean Curd

#坛子红烧肉 Braised Pork Belly in the Clay Pot

#上海雪菜炒香莴笋 Shanghai Sautéed Lettuce Stem with Snow Cabbage
Hairy Crab #清蒸大閘蟹
#桂花酒酿圆子 Glutinous Dumplings in Osmanthus Wine
All dishes are made using fresh, wholesome and premium ingredients. The dining hall is spacious and VIP rooms are available for private dining experience. It can be converted to a great event space.
Ambience is posh and comfortable, conveniently located at Mandarin Gallery
Call 6836 1188 or email yansdining@gmail.com to enquire
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