PANKO POCKET : Taste the Premium Japanese Curry Pocket



img_8228PANKO POCKET : Taste the Premium Japanese Curry Pocket

Here at Panko Pocket, you can get to enjoy the premium curry pocket with authentic Japanese taste. Their Singapore first store at Plaza Singapura. Managed by Muginoho Co. Ltd, the same parent company as Beard Papa’s. It provide freshly made foods with the genuine Japanese recipe and taste.

Panko Pocket was originally born in Osaka, Japan in 2002. “Panko” is the Japanese white bread crumps, while “Pocket” refers to the round shaped deep fried pastries filled with chunky Japanese curry filling. They have perfected the recipe over the years. They ensure Crispy panko are freshly ground daily. The Panko Pocket is always hot and crispy from the pan. It is filled with Japanese homemade style chunky curry filling. They sprinkle secret mixed spices before serving.

The curry pockets have light and crispy texture and made with 50% less oil, taste lighter and less calories. The bun is made with all natural ingredients and no additives, in collaboration with a famous bakery in Singapore.

There are 5 flavors available currently: Brown Beef Curry, Yellow Chicken Curry, Stewed Hamburg, Shrimp Gratin and the limited edition Chilli Crab and shrimp. Perfect your meal with original Yakult lassi drink to boost up your immunity in these rainy days

Craving for our crispy and mouthwatering Japanese curry pocket already? Go to Plaza Singapura #B2-32. Alternatively, they are also available on GrabFood and Foodpanda. Special promotional sets available on GrabFood and Foodpanda


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