Warung Surabaya serves authentic Indonesia cuisine and Martabak Manis by Martabak Dino

Located at Lucky Plaza, Warung Surabaya serves authentic Indonesia cuisine. The chicken here is exceptionally tender, which gives greater texture when contrasted with the crisp skin. The chilli here is really solid and extra spicy, perfect for those who enjoy spicy food. I appreciate their generous serving of crunchy bits topped on the well-spiced chicken meat for a wholesome flavour. You can also order Dessert :Martabak Manis. This is a very popular sweet treat in Indonesia. Every one loves Martabak Manis, a very thick “pancake” with the traditional filling are chocolate sprinkle, crush peanut, sesame seed, condense milk combine in one or cheese and condense milk. Recently we have tried several dishes from them and would like to recommend them.


*Ayam Geprek (crispy smash Chicken with red spicy chilli), this one is extra spicy so be careful if you cannot take spicy food. The chicken is tender and juicy while crispy on the outside


*Ayam Lengkuas (Fragrance Fried Chicken), perfectly fried chicken while keeping it tender , served with  the usual fried tofu, tempeh and sambal chilli


*Ayam Bakar Rica-rica (BBQ chicken with Rica-rica). Rica-rica is a type of Southeast Asian hot and spicy bumbu found in Manado cuisine of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Rica-rica uses much chopped or ground red and green chili peppers, bird’s eye chili, shallots, garlic, ginger, and a pinch of salt and sugar.


*Empal Bakar with sambal bawang (BBQ Beef with red Chilli), the beef is cook to correct doneness and not over cooked, which makes it tender.


Dessert: Martabak Manis *Classic

*Green tea Matcha

*Red Velvet

*Pandan Corn

(Must Try) Rich and Sweet dessert with 4 flavours ( +65 97547753) for ordering Martabak Dino


Warung Surabaya  is located at #02-63/64, Lucky Plaza Singapore

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