Torasho Ramen and Charcoal Bar, the brainchild of restaurateur Tora Widjaja and Head Chef Sho Naganuma, introduces a modern Japanese Izakaya concept to the Tras Street gourmet enclave in the heart of Tanjong Pagar.


After opening two successful restaurants in Jakarta, Tora sets his eyes on Singapore with the introduction of Torasho. To help launch the vision of Torasho, the restaurateur enlisted the expertise of Chef Sho, former Executive Chef at Hide Yamamoto at Marina Bay Sands who brings with him a wealth of Japanese gastronomic experience and a rabid following of eager diners.
In a deluge of Japanese Izakaya style restaurants in Singapore, Torasho raises the bar with its strong Southeast Asian inspired take on classic Japanese fare and effortlessly cool decor. The restaurant is conceptualised as a modern izakaya-style diner complete with open kitchen and a relaxed ambience with slick cement screed flooring and industrial style accents. There is also a stunning amount of detail paid to the kitchen which is outfitted with a custom elevator charcoal grill that allows the operator to control the intensity of the flame; it is evident that a lot of time, passion and thought has been put into the restaurant.


Torasho’s generous operating hours enables it to cater to everyone from lunch to late night supper crowds, offering hearty comfort food in a stylish vibrant environment; it is quite possibly the epitome of a hip-modern Japanese restaurant-bar.
The curated repertoire of creative bites are inspired by the sophisticated Singaporean palate, with an extensive menu spanning appetisers, ramen and robata (grilled items). The food is best paired with Torasho’s expansive selection of drinks replete with sake, shochu, and creatively crafted whisky cocktails. If you are a sake lover, be sure to try Torasho’s very own branded sake.





Dipping Ramen : Uni & Ikura

Cold freshly prepared noodles with a sweet and salty dipping sauce.



Truffle Tonkotsu Ramen







The Wagyu Chips (S$8++) are made fresh in-house and are fried to perfection using sinful Wagyu beef fat and finished with White Truffle Shio Konbu.



Taking inspiration from the flavours of Thailand, the ‘Som Tum’ Unagi Taco (S$15++) is a creative take on regular tacos. Fried unagi garnished with ‘Som Tum’ green papaya salad resting on a bed of pappadum. By utilising papadums instead of traditional corn tacos, Torasho has blended 4 cuisines into one dish; Thai, Mexican, Indian and Japanese. A true epicurean journey.




Bak Kut Teh Donabe



Unagi Tacos



Ikura Nachos



Tikka Yakitori



Special House brand Sake



Located in the trendy Tanjong Pagar District, the 80 seater outlet is the new gem in the Tras Street gourmet enclave not to be missed!


32 Tras Street Singapore 078972

Entrance along Cook Street next to Taxi Stand E21 —

TELEPHONE +65 6970 5055

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