Uncle Kiisu unique menu at Square 2 Singapore


Uncle Kiisu is the kind of place you’ll come with friends to enjoy casual and good food. Bonus points for creativity as well! Here, the focus is on modern Asian, and you’ll see this influence come out in the different dishes. The #BellyRollMe looks like a classic porchetta (stuffed pork belly) when first served, with a golden-brown roasted skin that smells like heaven. But slice into it and you’ll be in for a surprise! Instead of the usual meat filling, the slab of pork belly is stuffed with mee siam — the slippery noodles are fragrant and the perfect vessel to sop up all the rich sauce.

Noodles definitely seem to be the strong suit of Uncle Kiisu. Another dish that impresses is the Kuro Gorudo, dry ramen tossed with buah keluak sauce, minced pork and chicken thigh. The noodles are enhanced by the rich earthy flavours of the Peranakan black gold, and the molten yolk of the soft-boiled egg binds all the delicious meat and noodles together.

10 Sinaran Drive
Square 2
Singapore (307506)




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