Teppan Works on 42 Tras Street is an authentic Teppanyaki restaurant


Tucked away in the Japanese enclave that is Tras Street, Teppan Works is a cosy spot that offers diners a taste of Osaka. The Japanese city is well-known for its popular okonomiyaki dishes, and you’ll find this as a mainstay on the menu at Teppan Works. Try the Signature Cheese Okonomiyaki, made from your choice of sharp gorgonzola, a light buffalo mozzarella, creamy camembert, or a rich raclette. The cheese is then cooked into the Japanese savoury pancake, with a crack of black pepper and a dash of fiery chilli oil. For something a little meatier, the Special Okonomiyaki is a must-try. The pancake here is stuffed with juicy slices of pork belly and beef tendon, mixed with potato and a fried egg for an indulgent treat.

Otherwise, order a slab of the Wagyu Ribeye for sharing — the beef is cooked simply over the grill, then served with a dash of salt and pepper to bring out the rich, buttery flavours of the meat. For dessert, save space for the restaurant’s signature Warabi Mochi. Made with fine kinako (roasted soy bean) powder and black sugar syrup, these fluffy little pillows are the perfect sweet treat to end a delicious meal


42 Tras Street
Singapore (078981)


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