Easy noodle bar 20 Foch Road


This humble shop might not look like much from the outside, but step in and you’ll be instantly comforted by the warming aromas that fill this space. Perch yourself by the bar or grab a seat at the tables. The menu here is simple and straightforward — bowls of piping hot ramen, made lovingly by hand. To taste the goodness of every strand, try the Yang Chun noodles. Just handmade ramen served in chicken broth, you’ll be able to savour the springiness and freshness of the noodles with every bite. A popular favourite is the Smoked Spring Chicken, where a deboned slab of cherry wood-smoked chicken sits is served with their signature ramen. Craving soup? The Tortellini with Ramen is where handmade pasta shells are stuffed with minced meat and whole prawns, dipped in a hot chicken broth scented with hints of osmanthus. Wash your bowl of noodles down with an ice cold beer

20 Foch Road
Singapore (209261)

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