Hinata Singapore specialises in traditional Japanese cuisine


Hinata bridges the gap between high-end Japanese restaurants and mass market sushi factories by using fine ingredients and seafood from Japan to create a value for money fine dining experience.

They are conveniently located at Robertson Walk facing the main road, with ample parking spaces and nearby to bus-stops and MRT


With an intimate sushi counter and a seating area for less than 30, this is one place where making a reservation is the only way to guarantee a table. This spot is highly regarded by the local Japanese dining scene, and for good reason – premium ingredients prepared meticulously by experienced chefs make for a memorable meal.

The Sushi here is beloved for its fresh taste and variety. From Negorito to California, there is a type of sushi on the menu here to suit every diner’s preference. The Fugu Mirin is another perfect starter – deep fried puffer fish coated with a crisp batter, this dish is crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside without being too oily. Pair your dishes with a sake from their list – the Mio Sparkling Sake is sweet, bubbly and cuts through the crunch of the fried starters.

The chefs here take special care with the preparation and selection of ingredients for dishes. Seafood is flown in from Japan twice a week, and the Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki here is made from Joshu Wagyu Beef – raised with a unique feed in Gunma to give it a soft, velvety mouthfeel that is hard to replicate elsewhere


11 Unity Street
Robertson Walk
Singapore (237995)


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