Machi Japanese Restaurant at Melbourne St Kilda


Whether you are a dining duo, a family or in need of a celebratory feast, Machi’s Japanese inspired fresh and minimalistic décor is perfect surroundings to set your mood for culinary experience. They serve up an alluring mix of small plates, larger dishes, and unforgettable specialities full of fresh local ingredients with a Japanese flare.
The international kitchen team loves sharing their skills and passion for food. In Japanese “Machi”, means small-town, or community and they are always delighted in welcoming guests to their hometown in St Kilda, Melbourne. They have an open-style kitchen and are split into two, hot and cold.
They use the best seasonally available ingredients in both areas. The cold area is devoted to all things Sushi, Sashimi and the hot section is all about larger dishes like signature BBQ Wagyu Beef.  We visited their restaurant which is a short walk from the St Kilda beach.
We ordered:
Signature Cocktail to set the mood.
Yuzu Mojito
Tokyo Mistress
Two very refreshing cocktails that you must try.
Hot Starter:
Corn Ribs
Corn Kara-age, kimchi herbs, parmesan cheese.
Cold Starter:
Tuna Tataki
Seared Akami Tuna, Sesame, Plum ponzu, fermented yellow bell sauce, ginger pearl
Signature Machi Tacos:
BBQ Eel Taco
Lobster Meat Taco
Kombu Salmon Taco
Prawn Taco
These tacos are fantastic, we really love them, they are sizeable too, so you get satisfied eating them. They are like a piece of art.
Large dishes:
Hisumabushi Eel Don, good for 2 to 4 pax.
Grilled eel on top of shitake mushroom rice with dashi stock
This is another must-try, good for 4 pax if you are sharing other food. Large pieces of eel perfectly grilled with yummy sauce. Goes very well with the flavourful rice underneath it.
A 10/10 for me
I notice some regular customers go for their Lobster Donburi, served two way, I think it is a good value large dish too, maybe I will try that the next time I visit.
14 Inkerman Street
St Kilda, VIC 3182
Tel 03 9534 5000

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