Feed9B Singapore Restaurant Week – The Future of Food at the Singapore Food Festival (SFF) 2022


Feed 9 Billion announce the introduction of the Feed9B

Singapore Restaurant Week – The Future of Food at the Singapore Food Festival (SFF) 2022 (24 August to 11 September 2022). The sustainable foods section is a welcome one to the longest running, nationwide, annual food festival, in light of global food supply concerns brought on by the pandemic. Feed9B Singapore Restaurant Week is held as part of SFF 2022, and supported by STB.

Feed 9 Billion has gathered 14 local food brands in food innovation and sustainability and 11 restaurants and chains to collaborate and create unique menus that will showcase new food forms to consumers for the first time in Singapore’s history. With menus featuring plant-based beef and chicken from local food technology companies and the world-first soy alcoholic beverage, Feed 9 Billion hopes to attract diners to sample and give feedback on their impressions of the food. This feedback will help local manufacturers to further improve on their products, as well as pave the way for more dining establishments to embark on serving sustainable foods in the near future. Consumers will be able to sample these introductory dishes at 16 outlets islandwide from specially-curated food innovation menus created by these pioneering restaurants. These dishes include 1826’s Truffle Beef Mushroom Tart using Thoughtful Foods plant-based meats, Love Handle’s Yaki Udon using Kosmode Health’s W0W® Noodle and their in-house plant-based minced meat, Yum Cha’s Chicken Dumplings in Chilli Oil using Shandi Global’s plant-based chicken, and many more restaurants and dishes.

Ms Guo Teyi, Director, Retail and Dining, Singapore Tourism Board, says, “Feed9B Singapore Restaurant Week adds to the diversity of experiences at this year’s Singapore Food Festival. We hope it will appeal to consumers who are mindful of the impact their food choices have on the environment. We are also pleased that it provides a platform for local culinary talents to showcase how they have combined food innovation with emerging trends.”

The Feed9B Singapore Restaurant Week runs island-wide at participating restaurants from 5 to 11 September 2022. For details, refer to www.feed9b.com.

Feed9B Singapore Restaurant Week website: www.feed9b.com



33/34 Boat Quay Singapore 049822

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun:11am-12am

Website: www.1826.sg

Reservation Tel: 6970 6778

Reservation Email: sayhello@1826.sg

Bangkok Jam Great World City

1 Kim Seng Promenade #02-127 Singapore 237994

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun:11.30am-10.30pm

Website: www.bangkokjam.com.sg

Reservation Tel: 6732 4523

Reservation Email: mail@createries.com


240 Neo Tiew Crescent Singapore 718898

Opening Hours: Wed–Thurs: 10.30am–5pm, Fri–Sat: 10.30am–9.45pm, Sun and Public

Holidays: 10am–5pm, Mon and Tues: closed

Website: http://www.gardenasia.com/eat/#bistro

Reservation Tel: 6898 9111


80 South Bridge Road #01-01 Golden Castle Building Singapore 058710

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 4.30pm to 12am

Website: www.boruto.com.sg

Reservation Tel: 6532 0418

Cali Park Avenue Rochester

31 Rochester Drive #01-01/02 Singapore


Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-11.30pm

Website: www.cali.sg

Reservation Tel: 6684 9897

Cali Ascott Raffles Place

2 Finlayson Green Level 2 Singapore 049247 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-10pm, Sat-Sun:

closed, except Public Holidays Website: www.cali.sg

Reservation Tel: 6336 1228

Canopy Hort Park

33 Hyderabad Road #01-01 Hort Park

Singapore 119578

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9am – 10.30pm

Canopy Bishan Park

1382 Ang Mio Kio Avenue 1 Bishan Park 2

Singapore 569931

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 9am – 12am

Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: 8am – 10.30pm

Website: http://www.canopygardendining.com Reservation Tel: 6556 1533 Reservation Link:


Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: 8am – 12am

Website: http://www.canopygardendining.com Reservation Tel: 6556 1533 Reservation Link:


Canopy Changi

5 Changi Business Park Central 1 #01-70/71 Changi City Point Singapore 486038

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 9am – 10.30pm

Website: http://www.canopygardendining.com

Reservation Tel: 6556 1533

Reservation Link: www.canopygardendining.com/reservations

Love Handle

8 Ann Siang Hill Singapore 069788

Opening Hours: Mon-Wed:12pm-10pm, Thur and Fri:12pm-10:30pm, Sat: 11am-10:30pm Website: www.lovehandle.sg

Reservation Tel: 8886 7112

82 Collyer Quay Singapore 049327

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-4:30pm, 6pm-12am, Sat-Sun: 9am-12am

Website: www.monti.sg

Reservation Tel: 6535 0724 / 9111 5529

Reservation Email: reservations@monti.sg

Straits Chinese Kitchen Cecil Street

133 Cecil Street #B1-01 Keck Seng Tower

Singapore 069535

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11:30am–


Website: www.straitschinese.com

Reservation Tel: 6225 8683

Straits Chinese Kitchen Esplanade

8 Raffles Avenue #02-21 Esplanade Mall

Singapore 039802

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11:30am–


Website: www.straitschinese.com

Reservation Tel: 6339 3683

Wine Mansion

26 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089133

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 1.30am-10:30pm, Sat:5-10:30pm, Sun: closed

Website: www.winemansion.com.sg

Reservation Tel: 6225 4468

Yum Cha Chinatown

20 Trengganu Street #02-01 Singapore


Yum Cha Changi Business Park

6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1 #01-33 UE

BizHub East Singapore 486017

Opening Hours: Tues-Fri: 11am–3pm/5:30– 9pm, Sat, Sun, and Public Holidays: 9am– 3pm/6pm–9pm, closed on Mondays

Website: www.yumcha.com.sg Reservation Tel: 6372 1717 Reservation Email:


Opening Hours: Tues-Fri: 11am–3pm/5:30– 9pm, Sat, Sun, and Public Holidays: 9am– 3pm/6pm–9pm, closed on Mondays

Website: www.yumcha.com.sg

Reservation Tel: 6789 1717

Reservation Email: changi@yumcha.com.sg



Aboocha believes in producing healthy kombucha in a safe, hygienic, and compliant space to maintain the highest quality and Singapore food safety standards. Founded by an avid kombucha who leads a healthy and active lifestyle. She is a serial entrepreneur with a corporate finance background and is also an advisor and mentor to a plant-based alternative milk company.

Website: www.aboocha.com

Alchemy Foodtech

Alchemy Foodtech was born out of Alan’s desire to protect his family’s health from a history of diabetes. Having lost his grandparents to the disease and witnessing many relatives struggle with diabetic dietary restrictions, he and co-founder Verleen recognised the important role food plays in diabetes prevention. Verleen, a food scientist by training, began with research into how food consumption relates to the disease. A key finding which became the foundation stone of Alchemy Foodtech was how refined carbohydrates (i.e., white bread and white rice) are one of the key causes of high blood sugar levels in our bodies. Common food items which feature heavily in our meals every day, they knew it would be an uphill battle to attempt to change people’s eating preferences and behaviours. Yet, time was of the essence in the fight against diabetes. Alan and Verleen decided to create specific food ingredients that would lower glucose release while maintaining the original taste of food. Alchemy Fibre™ became the breakthrough ingredient which is now patented.

Website: www.alchemyfoodtech.com


At CRUST Group, we’re passionate food waste fighters driving the upcycled food movement. Based on our belief in a more circular economy, we upcycle food waste and loss into beverages and other products for our food service and retail partners. CRUST is our line of sustainable, artisan beers made from surplus bread and other surplus ingredients from our restaurant and hotel partners. Fun flavours like Kaya Toast Stout and Beerguette are part of our repertoire of collaboration brews with partners like Tiong Bahru Bakery and Edible Garden City. CRUST is beer that makes a difference. No crust left behind.

Website: www.crustgroup.com/sg

DrinkSachi by SinFooTech

Sachi was born out of a quest to look into the issue of food waste valorisation. A large amount of soy whey, a nutritious liquid produced during the manufacture of tofu, is produced on a daily basis, with most of it being disposed of by tofu manufacturers. Through close to five years of intense research and development, we have developed a patented technique to turn soy whey into a first-of-its-kind alcoholic beverage with immense commercial potential-Sachi.

Website: www.sachi.sg

Growthwell Foods

Growthwell Foods is all about providing plant-based nutrition for Asian palates. By infusing a vibrant food culture with plant-based nutrients, Growthwell Foods creates a nutritious and more sustainable food system for everyone. Growthwell Foods offers a diverse portfolio of products for consumers and foodservices. The HAPPIEE!TM brand includes konjac-based seafood alternatives and soy-based chicken alternatives. Growthwell Foods has also acquired a majority stake in ChickP, the world’s first company to isolate a 90% concentration of chickpea protein. The products are manufactured at Singapore’s first fully automated large-scale production line for plant-based products. Harnessing the power of plant-based nutrition, Growthwell Foods constantly innovates in our mission to nourish 1 billion lives with accessible and affordable plantbased alternatives.

Website: www.growthwellfoods.com


NOW YOU CAN HAVE YOUR DESSERT AND EAT IT TOO. At Jammy’s, everything we create is delicious without the guilt, sweet without the sugar, and perfect for everyone. We take the biggest pride in sourcing the best quality ingredients that our bodies deserve (and you can pronounce), while delivering creations that are always Keto and Diabetic Friendly, Low Carb, Sugar-Free and Gluten-Free. Because we don’t really fancy sugar – nor a sugar rush, nor the crash that comes after it. And quite frankly, we think we make tastier and better desserts without it anyway.

Website: www.jammys.sg

Love Handle

As Asia’s first digital-led plant-based butchery, Love Handle is ready to rumble the Singapore food scene. With the country’s largest curation of plant-based meats and dairy, you can choose between raw or marinated cuts and even pair them with some of our delicious condiments.  Stocked with a variety of plant-based meats and house-made deli cuts, we give you the authentic butcher experience from choosing your cut of meat to getting your minced beef, chicken, or pork by your desired grammage – we’re here to satisfy all your cravings. We marinate and prepare some of our meats in house so that you don’t have to. From rolling meatballs, to making your own ginger soy chicken, we’ve got you covered. We know how frustrating it can get to find dairy free products sometimes. That’s why we’re offering an assortment of dairy-free products, like

plant-based butter and cheeses, so your needs are always met. Dine on burgers and hearty mains upstairs at our restaurant deli, where items from our butcher are used to create entrees that pack a plant-based flavour punch that will delight meat and food lovers everywhere!

Website: www.lovehandle.sg

Nut Culture

Nut Culture is on a mission to do our part for a better, healthier, kinder, and more delicious future for us and for the generations to come. In a small creamery in the heart of Singapore, Nut Culture founder Hadas Vaknin and her team are hard at work ,24/7, tirelessly creating and perfecting magical artisan cheeses and butters out of organic and natural nuts and the healthiest of ingredients. Handcrafting the future, one cheese wheel at a time. We believe plant-based food can be absolutely delicious, indulgent and exciting without compromising on ingredients. We are committed to handcrafting delicious plant-based foods Kind, healthy and delicious food is not a myth- And we are here to prove it!

Website: www.nutculture.com


RÓA™ (pronounced as “row-uh”) is Icelandic and it means Calm. We have always been drawn to the idea of creating something that can bring a moment of calmness and pleasure to someone. It’s the same feeling when you are winding down at the end of the day, enjoying the stillness of the evening/night relaxing with a good book or drink. When the Midnight™ Cake was created, it was a pure passion project by our Chief Artisan Jane Tan. She wanted to create a beautiful and delicious cake that her god-daughter, Emma could enjoy. Being allergic to eggs, dairy and also intolerant to gluten from a very young age, it was tough to find a delicious cake every year for her birthday. A foodie trip to New York and Dallas brought a lot of awareness to Jane in terms of quality organic and vegan ingredients. She was convinced that using vegan friendly ingredients was the way to go for better health and the environment. After 9 months of R&D, the Midnight™ Cake was finally born. The joy to hear and see young children and people like Emma able to indulge in dessert was simply amazing.

Website: www.roa.com.sg

Shandi Global

Shandi Global meat delivers the same feel, while the flavour develops as you cook, fats released during the cooking process brings out the true feel of meat. Enjoy the company of friends and families around a barbecue pit with Shandi Global meat. After studying thousands of plants for their nutritional composition, we created a unique blend of plant ingredients which contain all amino acids, vitamins and minerals found in chicken meat. Using them in patented composition and further refine by unique isolation and enrichment process. we invented a meat substitute which matches meat to molecular level, delivering not just taste and texture but functional

attributes like high digestibility and high bio availability without adding any artificial additives, chemical or chemically processed ingredients.

Website: www.shandiglobal.com

The SOS Kitchen

The SOS Kitchen originates from the hustling and bustling city country – Singapore. We are a mother-son duo who are fans of all things spicy; and are committed to showing you the spicy way of life through our vegetarian friendly and locally sourced products. Our product range includes Thai pastes, fermented sauces, chili jams and dips. We are constantly innovating and keeping afresh our passion for chillies. We believe in making cooking fun, easy and most importantly spicy! Our pastes help reduce your culinary time without compromising on the taste. Driven by what we love doing best, we hope your experience with us is equally as tasteful and spicy!

Website: www.thesoskitchen.sg

Thoughtful Food

Developed and produced in Singapore, Thoughtful’s alternative meats is “25% lower in saturated fat and sodium compared to regular plant-based alternative meats” in the market. Besides being highly nutritious and tasty, as a plant-based dry solution, Thoughtful powder offers a long shelf life, hence reducing food waste and therefore Better for our planet. Once reconstituted, Thoughtful has a texture just like ground meat which can be used as a meat substitute in soups, stews, sauces, burgers, stir-fries, gyozas, meatballs, etc. With no added artificial seasonings or additives, Thoughtful can be spiced and seasoned to suit all dietary requirements, all cuisines.

Website: www.thoughtfulfood.co

Vrab Protein

The unique approach VRAB is taking is to create sustainable products not just for the environment, but also for our diets. Being used to an Asian diet, it is virtually impossible to consume plant-based burgers, nuggets, and sausages as a regular diet. VRAB products enable users to customize their food across various cuisines and cooking methods. 100% plant-based, made using yellow-pea protein, VRAB foods are low in cholesterol, convenient and delicious.

Website: www.vrabprotein.com

W0W® Noodle by Kosmode Health

W0W® Noodle is a product of KosmodeHealth Singapore, a start-up founded on scientific expertise accumulated by A/P Huang Dejian – Deputy Head of the Food Science and Technology Department of National University of Singapore.

W0W® Noodle empowers health and restores the pleasure of eating, as the world’s only functional food with 0 glycaemic response, being a 0-waste food, made from upcycled barley protein and fibre, W0W® Noodle is good for the people and good for the earth.

Website: www.w0wnoodle.com


Kevin Yap, 3rd Generation owner of Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant

My family has been serving Authentic Nonya Cuisines over three generations since 1953 and we pride ourselves in this tradition and heritage. However, despite being a traditional restaurant, we evolve to meet the constantly changing demands of customers. Now, it’s not only about whether the food tastes good, but is it sustainable? Plant-based foods requires less water to produce and emits less carbon dioxide. Thus, we hope that by participating in Feed9B Singapore Restaurant Week, we can be a part of this change to be more conscious of what we eat and think about the world we want our future generations to live in.

Lee Kian Chong, CEO of Canopy Restaurants

Canopy has always placed nature at the core of our identity. As we continue to grow, we strive towards a sustainable supply of food resources and to be a partner in the sustainable food journey of our community. Together with Singapore’s 30 by 30 Initiative and focus on food resilience, we hope to contribute by continuing to make delectable food sustainably for our future generations.

Felix Chong, Group Executive Sous Chef of Monti

We are starting to see a shift towards plant-based ingredients and diets. Working with plantbased ingredients is more interesting than mere vegetable. Clients are looking for more innovation and interaction, and we have to grow with their wants. Inspiring more plant-based eating in everyone is really important in our planet. It’s interesting to see the thoughtful fun and non-preachy approach the several plant-based startups in Singapore takes. It’s not just about vegan foods for vegans but delicious food for all for the good of our planet. We are asking the questions about the ingredients we are using and inspiring others to bring biodiversity to the plate, which is important for the future of the food industry.

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