Sushi Yujo Japanese Omakase Restaurant Amara Hotel Singapore


Sushi Yujo is a modern, unconventional Japanese omakase restaurant located in Amara Hotel within the CBD.
Yujo in Japanese means friendship, which symbolises life-long friends bringing together their best experiences of dining in Japan.
Diners have a choice of omakase menus at the 13-seater counter and private rooms
The restaurant is helmed by veteran Singaporean chef Desmond Fong, with 20 years of culinary experience, specialising in the art of omakase.
He was previously the head chef at Sushi Jin, part of the Les Amis Group.
His cuisine at Sushi Yujo creates a memorable, modern Japanese omakase that will offer fine ingredients at great value.
Diners can expect his signatures, Aburi Ootoro, a melt-in-your-mouth flavour bomb where slightly seared ootoro is topped with negitoro, truffle caviar and gold leaf, and Aburi Foie Gras, where foie gras is draped over a slice of scallop on rice and torched till the fat sizzles before topped with sea urchin and caviar.
Sushi Yujo delivers an innovative, value-for-money omakase experience starting from $98 at lunch and $198 at dinner, with signatures of cooked dishes and aburi sushi from Chef Desmond Fong.
​There are four omakase-only dinner selections. The must-try signature Yujo ($288) and Shinzoku ($348) – meaning kinship – are where chef Fong’s creativity is unleashed in his seasonal Chef’s Signatures such as the hairy crab served in whole yuzu or Awabi abalone with housemade liver sauce. Savour chef Fong’s specialty cooked sushi alongside appetiser, carpaccio, 5-kinds sashimi and other season’s best. Hogo ($198) which means protective and Chusei ($198) – loyalty, are also available for those with smaller appetites or who want to focus on sushi.
165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Amara Hotel #02-26 Singapore 088539
Reservation Contact: Call +65 8877 8831 or Reserve at @Chope

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