Hows Catering new Brownies


Founded in 1991 as Ye Liang How Catering, HOWS has evolved to become Singapore’s favoured caterer of sensory feasts that thoughtfully designed. They also have a team of Experience Designers who closely collaborates with clients to craft fresh menus and stunning set-ups. They take inspiration from cuisines around the world, always experimenting and designing to enthral the senses.

They have new creation launched recently. Presenting their new creation “Brownie” to be part of How’s.

Available in three impeccable flavours, priced at $20 – $28.

– Madam Cheeze $24

– Mr Witty Walnut $20

– Miss Flaky Matcha $28

We have tried all three of them and they are highly recommended. Each pack is heavy and solid, packed with all the goodness.

Chocolate lovers would enjoy the Mr Witty Walnut very much as it comes with thick satisfying chocolate.

Miss Flaky Matcha is another hot favourite, intense green tea taste.

The Madam Cheeze is our favourite too. The cheese goes well with the brownies.

At these prices, they are great value for money.

It is easy to store as well since it is in a rectangular shape.

Check out and order the delicious new flavours here:

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