K-Burger Fest at Jinjja Chicken (halal-certified)

K-Burger Fest at Jinjja Chicken!

Jinjja Chicken has revamped items on its menu. Three popular K-Burgers, Bulgogi Beef Burger, Fried Chicken Burger and the all-new Seafood Burger.

All their burgers buns are now softer and fluffier brioche bun. The Fried Chicken Burger has been the all-time best-seller at Jinjja Chicken since day 1.

They use thick cuts of whole fried chicken thigh, hand-brushed with your choice of signature sauce (Soy Garlic, Yangnyeom or Monster), topped with a slice of melted cheese and sliced cabbage. The juicy and loaded Fried Chicken Burger are super delicious. You can upsize with a double patty
The Bulgogi Beef Burger has also been upgraded with a bulgogi beef patty that is thicker and juicer than before. It now comes topped with a new black pepper tartar sauce that elevates the taste of the burger. Order a double patty stack for a more indulgent and fuller satisfaction.
The all-new Seafood Burger will satisfy the cravings of seafood lovers out there. The burger oozes natural salty sweetness from the combination of clam, prawn and fish in the thick patty, which is perfectly fried to achieve a crispy crust. The seafood patty is nestled on a bed of fresh veggies, sandwiched between fluffy brioche buns, topped with Jinjja’s very own spicy Yangnyeom Tartar sauce, giving the burger an umami-packed punch with a subtle heat.
Jinjja Chicken’s all new K-burgers are available in all outlets. Besides the burgers, we also find the noodle extremely delicious Rabokki (Spicy Korean Ramyeon meets Tteokbokki), Ram-Don (Korean Beef Noodles with chunky beef cube and thick sauce) and Jjajang Myeon

K-Burger Price List
Chicken Burger (Single) – $8.30
Chicken Burger (Double) – $10.30
(Top up $2 to add regular fries and drink)

Bulgogi Beef Burger (Single) – $9.30
Bulgogi Beef Burger (Double) – $12.80
(Top up $2 to add regular fries and drink)

Seafood Burger (Single) – $9.30
Seafood Burger (Double) – $12.80
(Top up $2 to add regular fries and drink)

#JINJJA Chicken is a trendy #Korean chain restaurant best known for their Korean Fried Chicken and #Jjajangmyeon . This is where you can enjoy the fabulous tastes of Korean fare without the frills. Jinjja Chicken restaurants are halal-certified.

#halal #halalfood #friedchicken #koreanfood #burger

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