Lo hei with locally-grown produce The Singapore Salad CNY Yu Sheng Edition

The Singapore Salad CNY Yu Sheng Edition

Lo hei with locally-grown produce for a tastier toss The Singapore Salad: CNY Yu Sheng Edition comprises home-grown organic vegetables, hormone-free fish and a specially created sauce

Backyard Productions launches The Singapore Salad: CNY Yu Sheng Edition, a lo hei bundle comprising entirely local produce that are ultra-fresh, pesticide-free and packed with vitamins for great health benefits and nutrition.

The specially curated pack comes with a bag of The Singapore Salad (local vegetables), smoked barramundi, red radish, tuscan kale, soy skin crisp from local brand Crusty’s, and a yu sheng sauce created by local Michelin-star Chef Haikal Johari.

Priced at S$30.80 (inclusive of GST), The Singapore Salad: CNY Yu Sheng Edition can be pre-ordered (four days’ notice) from http://www.foodxervices.com and http://www.petersbutchery.com, or purchased directly at XPACE Xupper Club @ 218 Pandan Loop from January 14 to February 15, 2022.

Backyard Productions is a co-operative established by X-Inc group’s FoodXervices Inc to spur food and beverage (F&B) establishments in Singapore to support local produce.

“After we rolled out Backyard Productions in October 2021, we steamrolled towards raising greater awareness of local produce. Chinese New Year provides an excellent backdrop for us to launch our all local yu sheng kit. While it is nothing like the traditional version, it puts an all-local modern twist on this classic all the way down to re-creating the sauce,” said Nichol Ng, CEO of X-Inc.

Docu-series to spotlight agritech farmers
To debunk misconceptions and mindsets of the industry towards local produce, Backyard Productions has produced the CultivATE original docu-series on Singapore’s agritech farmers and farming industry.

The five episodes will cast the spotlight on the real-life struggles that the nation’s next generation of agritech farmers face in growing food in land-scarce Singapore. They tackle issues such as high price points, sustainability and consistent availability of local produce.

Developed and produced with filmmaker Eileen Chong, CultivATE gives an insider view of how vegetables and seafood are grown in ultra-clean and sustainable environments that produce fresh, highly nutritious and clean food.

Nichol Ng, CEO of X-Inc, anchors the series, which features farm partners such as ACE, Archisen, Atlas Aquaculture, HydroUrban, Kalera (formerly known as &ever), LivFresh, MEOD, PacketGreens, and The Fish Farmer. Also featured are Urban Tiller, Nutritionist Fiona Chia and Alma Restaurant Executive Chef Haikal Johari.

“As Singapore moves towards producing 30 percent of our food locally and sustainably by 2030, Backyard Productions hopes to raise awareness of the local farming community in Singapore, the impact that the agri-tech industry will have on strengthening the nation’s food security, and the economic impact of placing Singapore on the map as the next agritech hub of Asia,” said Ng.

“There is a lack of understanding towards the struggles of farmers, and we wanted to capture the essence of why it is so important to cherish this opportunity to have more farms within our shores again, and why it is key to our survival to see this segment thrive. Nothing showcases problem statements better than real life stories and this is what CultivATE aims to do. As we strive towards sustainability and self- sufficiency, let’s also spare a thought for the heroes trying to make it happen,” she added.

All five episodes of CultivATE will be available for viewing on Backyard Productions’
YouTube channel from January 22, 2022.

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