Jarrell’s Bistro Review

Jarrell’s Bistro, is a stylish outfit located at 198 Telok Ayer Street.
You can look forward to gourmet comfort food and pocket-friendly alcoholic beverages.
Especially their drinks promotion and 1-for-1 are very popular.
Guests can be assured that Jarrell’s Bistro offers a delectable dining experience, complete with friendly attentive service.
Both tradition and modernity in its design, a mix of pop culture elements and steampunk touches welcome guests to the inviting space.
Intimate seats with handcrafted customised tables give the space a distinct character.
The bistro also features a sleek open kitchen and bar where guests can witness the team in action.
They specialize in ASIAN-FUSION DISHES
Jarrell’s Bistro showcases new Asian Fusion dishes crafted by Head Chef, Jarrell.
The dishes showcase local herbs and spices.
For example: Cure for Hangover; Venus Clams in Superior Broth ($15), a traditional, aromatic soup peppered with plump clams and perfumed with Shaoxing wine.
For a hearty main course, choose from an array of pastas which include 辣辣 Pasta; Kam Heong Lala ($18), where al dente pasta is invigorated with homemade Kam Heong paste.
The Kam Heong paste has to be cooked over slow fire for 3 to 5 hours for the flavours to be more pronounced.
Other highlights include Minotaur Burger; Kicap Manis Wagyu Burger ($22)
Kicap Manis, a sweetened aromatic soy sauce, is added to the grilled wagyu patty, resulting in a sweet-savoury pronounced flavour that brings out the heartiness of this burger.
Satisfy your sweet cravings with exquisite, localised dessert, the Legacy of Eemin; Brown Sugar Sea Salt Panna Cotta ($14) which is a twist from local’s favourite bubble tea. Topped with black tea jelly, brown sugar crumble and sea salt foam, it features a myriad of textures, from the creaminess of the panna cotta to the crunch from the crumble. Squeeze in a shot of Baileys for an alcoholic kick that balances the overall sweetness of the dessert.
Come taste his spruced-up creations that use local spices. This has proven that spices can be in perfect harmony with other ingredients when paired tastefully
Decadence $16
Pan-Seared Foie Gras – Soft Boiled Egg, Baby Spinach, Asian Style Mushroom Ragout, Balsamic Reduction
Cure for Hangover $15
Venus Clams in Superior Broth – Ginger, Garlic, Shao Xing Wine, Chili Padi, Pepperoncino
Oriental Karkinos Pasta From $23
Singapore Chilli Crab Pasta – Jumbo Crab Meat, Homemade Chili Crab Paste, Pomodoro & Coriander Leaf
District 9 Skewers $24
Gamberone Skewer – King Prawn, Garlic Powder, Italian Parsley, Cajun Spice & Curry Mayo
Minotaur Burger From $22
Kicap Manis Wagyu Burger – Brioche Bun, Kicap Manis Sauce, Grilled Onion, Garlic Confit, Lettuce & Tomato
Legacy of Eemin; Brown Sugar Sea Salt Panna Cotta ($14)
198 Telok Ayer Street S 068637
Tel: +65 6223 1766

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