BLU KOUZINA offers A Distinct Mediterranean Flavour
It is a place of enjoyment and relaxation at one of the most enchanting places of the city, right in the middle of the Dempsey hills.
This must be one of the most authentic Greek/Mediterranean cuisines you can find in Singapore
Own and operated by Greek owners, this is a restaurant born out of the love of sharing a hearty meal with friends, spiced with quality olive oil and good wine.
We tried a few of their signature dishes and would like to recommend them:

4 DIP PLATTER, choose any 4 dips, really yummy and a must-have starter, for example, LABNA DIP, HUMMUS DIP, OLIVE DIP, FAVA DIP, VEGAN TARAMA DIP

GRILLED PITA, oregano & sea salt

KOULOURI REGULAR, Traditional Greek sesame bread ring (this is one of my favorite as this bread ring is found in Greece everywhere and hardly seen in Singapore, really brings back my memory of my visit to Athens)

LAMB MEATBALLS, soft and juicy in-house made meatballs with a side of spicy harissa dip, lemon & yogurt dressing

XTAPODI, grilled octopus with vinegar & EVOO. This octopus is soft tender on the insider but slightly crispy on the outside, grilled perfectly and not over done

PAIDAKIA, 3 grilled lamb chops, vegetables & potatoes. The star of the night, 3 pc of large juicy meat grilled to perfection. Must have

BAKLAVA, philo pastry filled with walnuts, topped with homemade syrup. Again, really hard to find such authentic dessert in Singapore

GREEK KANAFEH, Kadaifi & kesari cheese. Served hot with homemade syrup. Greek like their dessert sweet so this is some of their best and popular sweets

They imported a wide selection of Greek wine here and we were blown away by the taste of this quality wine. They sell them for retail too if you want to bring them back.

An elegant sparkling wine with a light, yellow-green colour & fine bubbles with intensity & duration. Aromas of rose petals, brioche & honey are lifted.
You get good quality ingredients with an intimate and relax dining experience that ensures you enjoy a memorable food experience every time., 10 Dempsey Rd. Singapore, 247700, T: +65 6875 0872

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