GOPIZZA famous Korean Pizza Chain Review

GOPIZZA is a fast-food pizza chain that started off as a food truck in South Korea.
CEO Lim Jaewon wanted to have a pizza that he could get quickly like a hamburger,
but found that pizzas were often expensive and too large for one person to consume.

They went on to invent and patent an automatic fire oven, the GOVEN, which bakes the pizzas via a
rotating stone plate, in under 3 minutes.
At GOPIZZA, the pizza preparation only begins after the customer orders, ensuring that each pizza is made fresh.

The 100th global outlet opened in Suntec City on 10 March this year and 1 more opening next month at Singapore EXPO.

We recently visited their Suntec City flagship store and tries some of their popular dishes.
There are many to choose from and some are really spicy so that is good news for those who enjoyed spicy Korean food.


True to its popularity, their pizza is really delicious and the quality is consistent.
Korean Bulgogi Pizza and Yangnyum Chicken Pizza are our favourite so far, as we have not tried all their flavor yet.

The Korean fried chicken is also super popular and never enough.



Introducing New items:

Kimchi Cheese Pilaf
A uniquely Korean dish, consisting of tangy kimchi fried rice, turkey bacon and green peppers, then topped with a
layer of mozzarella cheese. (Pre-launch)

Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp Pilaf
A seafood-based baked rice dish. You will find garlic shrimp, pineapples, sweet corn, green peppers and onions,
coming together to create a sweet and savory harmony of flavors. (pre-launch)

Tteokbokki / Cheese Tteokbokki
Delightfully chewy rice cakes served with our special spicy sauce, fish cakes and topped with green onions.
Go for the version topped with a layer of mozzarella cheese if you need help neutralizing the spice.
Simple, but delicious. (New recipe)

Burrata Yuja Salad
Rocket salad (ruccola), cherry tomatoes, onions and burrata cheese, tossed in a mixture of yuja citron marmalade,
apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Refreshing and nicely balances out the heavier mains.

Yangnyum Chicken Box (s)
Fried chicken, drizzled with Yangnyum sauce (a sticky, sweet and spicy korean marinade).
A classic Korean take on fried chicken.

Lava Cake (Chocolate/Yuja)
To top it all off, a warm lava cake oozing with chocolate/yuja sauce as a sweet treat.

Yuja Soda (Suntec City Exclusive)
A refreshing drink to complement the heavier main dishes. Made with Yuja (citrus) marmalade

Delivery and Takeaway also available on

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