Bar Milano Italian Bistro & Cocktail Bar


bar Milano, an Italian Bistro & Cocktail Bar located at 55 Keong Saik Road. An homage to the classic tavernas of Europe, bar Milano is a casual yet chic paradise, curated for apertivo and Italian food lovers looking for a cosy atmosphere that inspires romance.

Bistrot cooking is synonymous with quality ingredients, honest home-style cooking and time-honored regional recipes. At bar Milano, they offer the Italian Bistrot dining experience in a warm and convivial setting. Classic regional dishes such as Olives Ascolana, hand-cut Pappardelle and Veal Parmigiana can be found alongside Bistrot favorites like Steak Tartare with Anchovy cream, an Italian Burger and a Chicken Milanese with apple & fennel coleslaw.

Being first in Singapore to introduce the Neapolitan favorite, Pizza Fritta. The chefs use Italian OO flour and slowly ferment the dough. The pizza is then hand stretched and rolled out super thin. This way, when quickly flash fried it allows the dough to puff up and rise, creating a soft and doughy flavor similar to an Italian doughnut or zeppole in the center, while retaining a slightly crispy and crunchy outer crust. The Pizza Fritta’s are then topped with fresh artisanal ingredients to create unique and flavorful combinations.

Recommended Spritz:
Braulio Spritz Braulio Braulio, Sabatini Gin, Fresh Mint and lemongrass, Housemade sweet and sour, Prosecco
Fernet-Branca Spritz Fernet-Branca, Campfire Whiskey, Housemade infused and smoked Cold Brew, Housemade vanilla syrup, Burma tonic

Recommended Wine
SCARBOLO IL RAMATO PINOT GRIGIO 2019, Red onion skin and light, bright copper in colour, this orange wine has an aroma of apple, wild berries, and fresh citrus.

Recommended signature dishes we tried.
STEAK TARTARE, Confit garlic, anchovy cream & sourdough
BURRATA & PEACHES, 125g Burrata, honey roasted peaches, basil, aged balsamic
VOLKA PIZZA FRITTERS, off the menu, award-winning recipe
PASTA, PAPPARDELLE, hand-cut pappardelle, tomatoes, zucchini, whipped ricotta, chilli
BRAISED OSSO BUCCO & CREAMY POLENTA, red wine braised Osso Bucco, seasonal vegetables, creamy polenta

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