168 Mookata


168 Mookata recently opened on 19th Jan 2021 so they are very new.
@ 43 Cambridge Road, #01-09, Stall 5, Singapore 210043

They have two platters as well as an ala-carte menu

Meat platter which is good for 2 pax-It consists of 670g of meat and comes with sides too. It’s going at $25.90 only!

Jumbo Meat Platter- consist of 1KG of meat and comes with sides.
They are,
Pork Belly with Signature Sauce,
Garlic Pork Collar,
Chicken with Signature Sauce,
Garlic Chicken and
Black Pepper Chicken.
And it only cost $39.90

Special items we recommend as well- Beef $9.90 and Foie Gras at $5.90 one big piece.

For those who love vegetables, You can add on Vegetables and Shrooms Platter @$6.50 for a total of 8 items.
1. Broccoli
2. Baby Bok Choy
3. Chinese Cabbage
4. Kang Kong
5. Egg
6. Enoki Mushroom
7. Oyster Mushroom
8. Tang Hoon

The soup is delicious and perfect to complement the BBQ meat, especially add an instant noodle + egg at the end.

You can contact them at their Instagram or facebook account or 8853 6685, do make a reservation before going down

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