Le Fuse Café – 100% Muslim Owned Inspired Halal Sichuan And Mala Cuisine

Le Fuse Café – 100% Muslim Owned Inspired Halal Sichuan And Mala Cuisine. This eatery serving up some of the very best Sichuan cuisine. Founded in 2018 in their first outlet at Upper Serangoon Road, they are now located at ARAB STREET, a new environment in the Central City Area which attract more tourists and locals. Le Fuse offers a whole host of signature dishes which are sure to tickle your fancy. Perhaps some spicy hot pot in the form of Mala Xiang Guo, authentic dry beef noodles or seafood fried rice. No matter your craving, the incredible food on offer at Le Fuse will be sure to tick all the right boxes. We recently visited their café and tried the following delicious dishes.

Large Mala Xiang Guo (2-3pax serving) MALA Ingredient Inclusive: Stir Fry with Chinese Cabbage – Enoki Mushroom – Black Fungus Lotus Roots – Chinese Rice Cake – Tofu Stick – Bamboo Shot – Chicken Luncheon Meat – Chicken Frank and other seasonal vegetables. The taste is authentic as chef has 10 years experiences cooking Sichuan dishes in China. They also imported some of the halal spices for their restaurant.

Sichuan Rub Braised Short Ribs, we had this next which is also super delicious. Soft tender braised short ribs that fall off the bones. Highly recommended for meat lover.

Premium DRY Deluxe Beef Freshmade Noodles: Fresh Noodles with braised beef cubes and slices beef shin. This is the Premium version of the normal dry deluxe beef noodle with add on of premium slices of beef.

Salted Vegetables & Fish Slices In Soup (Non-Spicy): A Family Dish – Best Sichuan Soup ! This is non spicy so its great for those who cannot have spicy dishes. We finished every drop of the soup.

As a café they served interesting drinks as well: Why Not Vanilla Ice Cream Milk Tea : Made From Premium Selection Of Tea Leaves And High Quality Milk. Sweet, Romatic & Woody Vanilla Taste.

Maya China Apple: Delicious and refreshing apple juice drink.

Sign up for their members to get up to 10% return vouchers and other benefits, go to the website for more details http://order.mala-lefuse.getz.co/

47 Arab Street Singapore Tel: 8748 5040 Corporate Enquiry – email to enquirylefuse@gmail.com



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