Pot Addiction 吃锅瘾 Singapore Great Value Popular Steamboat Hotpot Korean BBQ buffet


Looking for a Mala Hotpot, Shabu Shabu & Korean BBQ Buffet all in one place, Pot Addiction 吃锅瘾 is the place with several outlets across Singapore
We recently tried out Pot Addiction 吃锅瘾 at United Square and they’ve got over 80 items on their menu
They are so good we highly recommend them because they use freshly prepared ingredients including good quality meat, seafood, soup base etc. They also serve cooked food like Korean Fried Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Kimchi etc. Have a BBQ plate on one side and a hotpot on the other side of the same table. Have the best of both world.
Prices include selection of soup base. If you go to a hotpot place usually they charge a base fee for soup and then everything start to add up.
Therefore come to Pot Addiction and you get Great Value for your Money.
They’re currently offering a promotion at their newly opened United Square outlet where:
1. All students enjoy buy 4 get 1 free from Mondays to Fridays during lunch time at the price of $14.90. This promotion is valid for weekday lunch from 11:30AM – 3:30PM, Mondays to Fridays
2. All healthcare workers enjoy buy 3 get 1 free any day of the week during dinner time – prices start from $22.90!
*Valid till 18 December 2020 (Friday).
Hurry grab your friends and enjoy delicious Korean BBQ / International Hotpot Buffet today!

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