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MAD MEX, AUSTRALIA’S LEADING MEXICAN FOOD CHAIN SETS ITS SIGHTS ON SINGAPORE Its first restaurant is now open at Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 3

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Wildly popular in Australia, thanks to its customisable menu made from the freshest quality ingredients, Mad Mex has powered into Singapore with its first restaurant in Singapore that opened at Marina Bay Financial (MBFC) Tower 3 on 16 September 2019.

With more than 70 locations now operating in Australia and New Zealand, the dedicated Mad Mex team has served up more than four million burritos across both countries in the last 12 months. The success of the group has spurred the new international expansion and coincides with Mad Mex’s new 2019 brand refresh and positioning, ‘Fresh Fuel For Life’, which places a revived focus on healthy living and supporting people in living life to the fullest.

The latest move comes after the owner of 4FINGERS bought a 50% stake in Mad Mex last year. The brand is looking forward to more openings in Singapore and Malaysia, where its arrival could fill a gap in the food industry with honest, healthy ‘fast food’.
With Mad Mex there is no ‘burrito-ing’ round the bush; only fresh, ethically-sourced ingredients are used in its food every day. So pure and simple, the recipes used are available online along with a nutritional calculator for full transparency into what customers are eating. Customary Mexican favourites – Burrito, Naked Burrito, Tacos, Nachos, Quesadilla, Grande Melt™ and Ensalada – are served and customers are encouraged to customise their meals according to their dietary requirements – anyone can eat at Mad Mex.

Founder and CEO Clovis Young of Mad Mex sums up the ingenuity of Mad Mex’s humble but revolutionary ethos, “I started Mad Mex in 2006, because I absolutely love Mexican food, and I wanted to share that love with all of Australia, and the world. I wanted my customers to get a fast meal with homemade quality, made entirely of real ingredients. That means the fewest preservatives, oils and sugars – while always big on taste. You should never have to choose between a quick meal and quality healthy food.”


Customers order at the counter and the style of dish is first selected:

1. Burrito 2. Naked Burrito 3. Quesadilla 4. Grande Melt™ 5. Tacos 6. Nachos 7. Ensalada

The next step is when the filling is chosen:

1. Chicken Pollo 2. Veracruz Tofu (Vegetarian/Vegan option) 3. Chorizo Chicken 4. Beef Barbacoa (extra $0.50)

Lastly, customers decide on the salsa which comes at different spice levels, and other additions such as guacamole or more meat.

There are three salsas available mild Roasted Tomato Salsa, Salsa Verde for the cautiously adventurous and Spicy Picante Habanero for those ‘loco’ over spice. Each salsa is made from scratch with chillies that are directly imported from Mexico using traditional Mexican recipes.

Burrito (Small, $8.90; Regular, $11.50) Mad Mex takes its Burrito very seriously. This timeless classic begins life with precise and masterful rolling, a tricky procedure requiring strength to herd the ingredients together, but also the gentlesness to coax the soft, fragile flour tortilla into submission. It is then sealed in Mad Mex’s signature red, jewel-toned foil to protect and alert the world of its perfection.

Naked Burrito

Naked Burrito (Small, $8.90; Regular, $11.50) Savour all the goodness sans the flour tortilla in this complete meal which can be customised to be glutenfree and/or vegan.


Tacos (1 Taco, $4.50; 3 Tacos, $10.90) Soft, fluffly crescent-shaped pockets of deliciousness, Tacos are intensely-satsfying. The flour used to make a taco renders it much softer than its tortilla counterpart. There is a soft corn option for those who are allergic to gluten.


Nachos (Regular $12.50) Mad Mex takes this crunchy, corny, cheesy dish that usually gets relegated as a snack and elevates it. Every element that goes into the Nachos is of premium quality. For example, the cheese sauce is made special with the addition of tomato and onion.


Quesadilla (Regular, $11.50) It arrives with melted cheese oozing from its toasted sides. The English translation is the affectionate-sounding “Little Cheesy Thing”. Each warm bite cements one’s eternal love for Mexican food, bringing comfort to all.

Grande Melt

Grande Melt™ (Regular, $12.50) It may look like a burrito, but The Grande Melt™ is filled with a fajita mix comprising spices such as paprika, cayenne pepper and cumin – so good, that Mad Mex trademarked it.


The Meat The must-try meat is the Beef Barbacoa that comes at an extra 50 cents, a small fee for all the work and care that is taken to cook it. It is seasoned with real Ancho chillies and aromatic spices, and spends a full eight hours slow-cooking over a low fire until each tendon and hunk of flesh is broken down into a smooth, luscious, savoury mouthful.

Veracuz Tofu* orginated from a state in Mexico with its namesake. Ingredients like olives and parsley that are reminiscent of the Mediterranean are incorporated as Veracruz was one of the port cities where the Spanish landed. This is a hearty and satisfying choice for any vegetarian or vegan.

There is no pork or lard used in the food served at the current restaurant in Singapore.

*Available soon from mid-October 2019


Green Fuel
At Mad Mex, the guacamole is as fresh as it gets; it is hand-smashed everyday in-house by the Mad Mex team. Each dollop of ‘Green Gold’ is infused with just the right balance of tangy tomato, earthy coriander and sweet onion that is combined with sour lime juice. It is an essential addition with its transformative gleaming, green boost of creamy richness.

Jarritos Jarritos ($4.50 per bottle) are a popular soft drink from Mexico, refreshing, tropical flavours such as Guava, Lime and Mandarin are a perfect complement to a full-bodied Mexican meal.

There are sides such as Nachitos™ ($5.00), Cheese Quesadilla ($5.00) and Corn Chips (Corn chips, $2.00; Salsa, additional $1.00; Queso (cheese) or Guacamole, additional $2.00) for a peckish eater, and the deep-fried dream that is Churros ($5.90) with premium Belgian chocolate sauce are available.

Address: Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) Tower 3, 12 Marina Blvd, #02-05, Singapore 018982

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri & Eve of PH: 8am-8pm, Sat-Sun & PH: Closed

Payment: Cash, NETS, Credit Cards

Hashtag: #madmexsg



Instagram: @madmexsingapore

Nearest MRT: Downtown MRT


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