&Joy Dining Hall at Great World

&Joy Dining Hall at Great World” offers delightful range of Japanese dishes

&Joy Dining Hall at Great World” offers delightful range of unique Japanese dining concepts , they offer a range of exciting dishes which we tasted tonight.

Gokoku Japanese bakery and Ichiban Boshi are also nearby and they are part of RE&S Enterprises a well know F&B company in Singapore.

The &Joy dining hall are located in basement 1. 11am- 9pm

🔸 More reasons to shop at the new Great World with FREE* parking for ALL vehicle entries between 6pm to 8pm, Mon to Thu (excluding PH),

T&Cs apply.

Sign up for the Great V-aap at greatvaap.com.sg for additional rewards. More details, visit greatworld.com.sg.


@ichibanboshi.sg Sakana
Gokoku Japanese Bakery
@njoydininghall – Kuriya Japanese Market
– Ramen Kiou
– Roman Tei
– Pittarino – Ichiban Express
– N Joy Bar



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