Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai


Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai Featured Menu . Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai!

Authentic Okinawan restaurant serves Okinawan’s favourite dishes, comfort food for the soul!

From 15th Feb 2020 – 15th Mar 2020,

the restaurant will be having a “DINE & GO OKINAWA!!!” campaign in collaboration with Okinawa Prefectural Government Singapore Office (OPGSG). Diners at Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai will stand a chance to win a direct flight to Okinawa!! Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai Featured Menu



1. Okinawa Sōki Soba
Okinawa Soba is one of the famous Okinawa cuisines in Japan! Okinawan comfort food, now available in Singapore. Although it is called “soba”, it is not made from buckwheat but eggs, like your usual ramen noodle.
Egg noodles in pork broth, a simple yet flavourful alternative to the ramen we are used to!
[S] $7.60++ | [M] $9.80++ | [L] $14.80++


2. Rafute (Okinawan Braised Pork Belly) Classic Okinawan Braised Pork Belly, slow-cooked in three Okinawan favourite seasoning – Awamori (Okinawa distilled liquor), Okinawan brown sugar, and soy sauce!
Originally a form of Okinawan Royal Cuisine, now a well known found on dinner tables throughout Okinawa, Japan.
[2pcs] $9.80++ | [4pcs] $14.80++


3. Umibudo (Sea Grapes) with Ponzu Sauce Umibudo – translating to “sea grapes”, these sea grapes are particularly popular in Okinawa!
Break these little bubbles in your mouth for a ​puchi-puchi (Japanese expression the burst of small air bubble) experience. At the same time, taste the slight salty taste of pure Southern Sea from within.
[One-size] $14.00++


4. Chinbin with Whipped Cream
Okinawan Traditional brown sugar Crepe. Popular dessert in Okinawa, which is traditionally given to kids on May 4th or 5th of the Lunar Calendar. Serves with cream to bring out the fragrance of Okinawa brown sugar!
[One-size] $9.80++


5. Sanpin-cha (Jasmine Tea)
Fresh flower scent tea, a good match with Okinawan cuisines, and is recommended for hot summer days.
Not only does it aids in digestion, the scent of flowers gives relaxation effects, and is very good for fatigue recovery!



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