COLLIN’S is an award-winning F&B brand  that embodies Chef Collin Ho’s passion to provide premium Western cuisine at great value.


Established in Singapore since 2012, COLLIN’S® is an award-winning F&B brand.  that embodies Chef Collin Ho’s passion and humble mission to provide premium Western cuisine at great value for the masses. With 20 years of culinary experience in restaurants and fivestar hotels under his belt, Chef Collin values his commitment to both quality and service. Winning the hearts of many since, COLLIN’S® now serves tens of thousands of diners from all walks of life and currently has 27 outlets across the different segments in Singapore and overseas, with presence in Jakarta Indonesia, Phnom Penh Cambodia and most recently, Chong Qing China.

COLLIN’S® Jurong Point Menu Tasting

  1. Truffle Mushroom Soup Earthy flavours of chopped Mushrooms blended with heavy cream, which give the soup a rich feel, finished with a top layer of aromatic Truffle Oil.
  1. Button Shroom Escargot A complex dish combining the bold flavours and textures of Garlic Butter Escargot stuffed within a Button Mushroom. The fragrant Garlic Butter compliments both the Mushroom and the Escargot.
  1. King Salmon Nicoise Salad COLLIN’S take on the classic Nicoise Salad, opting to pair with  most popular Fish on the menu, New Zealand King Salmon. The robust flavours of the Salmon shines through the Salad Dressing while the olives and tomatoes add a nice contrast with each bite of the Salad.
  1. ¼ Roasted Benja Chicken Featuring the World’s First Brown Rice Fed Chicken, this dish is more moist and flavourful compared to a regular chicken. After being marinated with special blend of spices, it is roasted until the skin gets crispy, contrasting with the juicy meat. Paired with a classic combination of our Home Made Crushed Potatoes, Coleslaw and Corn Cob
  1. Whisky Dry Aged Black Angus Ribeye Apart from the usual dry aging process, the ribeye has been aged with a whisky coating. This results in the smoky peaty aromas from the whisky being infused and melded with the complex flavours of the aged beef. There is no better pairing than Steak and Whisky.
  1. 45 Days Dry Aged Black Angus Tomahawk Aged in-house at COLLIN’S restaurants, the 45-day dry aging process intensifies the flavour of the beef while the natural enzymes within the meats break down the protein. This enzyme action results in the texture of the meat being more tender, imparting that distinct flavour of Dry Aged Meats similar to that of blue cheese. It is a taste that all steak aficionados must experience in their lifetime.
  1. COLLIN’S® Mixed Grill One of COLLIN’s best-selling dishes, created for those who love variety. Consisting of our Signature Chicken Chop, Pork Chop and a Summer Kabana Sausage, it is a dream come true for grilled meat lovers. The black pepper sauce served together with this is an excellent pairing that enhances the taste of the Mixed Grill.
  1. Valrhona Chocolate Lava Fondant The Chocolate Lava Fondant is made with Valrhona Chocolate that was sourced from South America. This dessert is luxuriously decadent when served warm, while being contrasted by the temperature difference of the Vanilla Ice Cream.

Address: Jurong Point Shopping Centre 63 Jurong West Central 3 #03-58/59 Singapore 648331

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