Niigata Donburi or Bento at Canberra Plaza

Niigata Donburi or Bento has just opened their new outlet at Canberra Plaza in Dec, and we visited the new place to try some of their signature dishes.

As you know, the Niigata Prefecture is the rice capital of Japan and the birthplace of koshihikari, the most prized Japanese short-grain rice, famous for its sweet and nutty taste.

So Niigata is the inspiration behind their name, they are proud of the quality of rice used.

We tried four items which we recommend,


Trouble Maker, $15.80++ made with Truffle Premium Shirobuta Pork Loin Furikake Rice, Broccoli, potato salad.


Hot Shot $9.80 ++ made with Japanese Curry Deep fried Pork Cutlet, white rice, broccoli, potato salad


Top Pig $9.80++, made with Fried Pork cutlet, brown rice, rocket salad, stewed pumpkin


Salfishicated $10.80, made with Teriyaki Salmon, brown rice, rocket salad, Kinoko mushroom.

There are other side dishes, and different donburi to choose from and I am sure there is something for everyone.

As the new outlet is right next to the MRT station, so it can get very crowded, so do come early.

Niigata is one of the brands under SELECT GROUP OF COMPANY

Canberra Plaza

133 Canberra View,

Canberra Plaza,


Singapore 750133

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