Pow Sing Hainanese Chicken Rice Jewel Changi Airport

Pow Sing was started by Mr Lee Chin Soo and Mr Steven Tan in the year of 1983. Being traditional Hainanese they wanted to share with Singaporeans the true taste of “Hainanese Chicken Rice” and hence “Pow Sing Hainanese Chicken Rice” stall was opened at the very address that is “Pow Sing Restaurant” now. Enjoy soft, fragrant and tender chicken served on a bed of hot rice, paired with chilli and ginger sauce for the quintessential Singaporean meal.

For their Jewel Changi Airport branch, they serve a special breed of chicken, organic  lacto chicken. This particular breed is raised using advanced technology and without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. They live almost as luxuriously as Wagyu, seeing as to how this unique breed of chickens are allowed to roam freely and made to listen to soothing strains of Mozart to help them grow better!

The result is chicken meat that contains less fat and cholesterol that is packed full of flavour. Does living a comfortable, classical music-fuelled life make a chicken taste better? The answer is yes, we tried it recently.

They have a nourishing set meal for two at $38.80++ consists of two nourishing soup, half boneless chicken and veggies. Perfect for the upcoming National day celebration. The chicken is indeed delicious, with better texture. Their fish head curry is also very popular, we found the curry really thick and flavorful and the fish head has lots of flesh. Don’t forget to try their Nonya Style Ngoh Hiang as well, really crispy and deep fried to perfection. The signature Nanyang coffee here is a must try for coffee drinkers, thick and strong coffee that is unique to this region. Don’t miss the dessert, and get their traditional chendol and herbal jelly with honey, both our favorite.

Take this opportunity to visit Jewel Changi Airport and have a meal at Pow Sing Restaurant @ 65 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport, #B2-201-202, Singapore 819663



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