Help rookie chefs cook up a storm in real-time! Livestream session of upcoming variety series A Rookie and a Recipe

Help rookie chefs cook up a storm in real-time!

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Fancy being a helpful foodie and saving kitchen noobs from culinary disasters?

In the livestream session of upcoming variety series A Rookie and a Recipe, the audience can dish out real-time food advice to rookie chefs as they attempt to cook a course meal for the first time based on just a recipe!

Ten local personalities with minimal cooking skills will brave the heat and enter the Rookie Kitchen alone and attempt to cook the meal of their lives within two hours before they are allowed to leave the kitchen.

Their (mis)adventures in the kitchen will be beamed live on meWATCH YouTube and meWATCH so that viewers can offer cooking tips and tricks via the Youtube chat function and join these rookies on their culinary journey every step of the way.  On top of the ability to seek help from viewers, these newbies will also have two video call lifelines to call their family or friends for help.

What’s a cooking reality show without a master? Professional chef and homegrown maverick Bjorn Shen will be watching the entire cooking session play out live and provide commentary for the viewers. He will also taste the dish when it is done and give the verdict of whether the rookie has passed the Rookie Kitchen test.

The first rookie to light up the stove will be actress Xixi Lim on Friday 31 July 2020. She will be followed by fellow kitchen newbies including comedian Rishi Budhrani, social media personality Aiman Haikal, Mediacorp YES 933 deejay Hazelle Teo and former Mediacorp Ria 897 deejay Hans Asrie. The full list can be found below:

A Rookie and a Recipe



Date/time (LIVE)


Xixi Lim

Friday 31 July 11am-1pm



Friday 31 July 5pm-7pm


Gary Gan

Saturday 1 August 11am-1pm


Aiman Haikal

Saturday 1 August 5pm-7pm


Hans Asrie

Sunday 2 August 11am-1pm


Tasha Low

Sunday 2 August 5pm-7pm


Hazelle Teo

Thursday 13 August 11am-1pm


Aaron Mossadeg

Thursday 13 August 5pm-7pm


Rishi Budhrani

Friday 14 August 11am-1pm


Leon Lee

Friday 14 August 5pm-7pm


Livestream on meWATCH YouTube (with live chat feature) and meWATCH

Available as video-on-demand after each episode.

Catch the packaged 30-minute episode on meWATCH and Channel 5 every Wednesday 8pm starting from 2 September 2020.



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