Spice by Dien, authentic Indonesia food. Nasi Lemak Bakar

Spice by Dien, authentic Indonesia food. They started recently serving authentic Indonesia food.

They want to enable others to taste the wonderful flavors that spices can bring, that is why they use the name Spice by Dien. They use generous amount of spices, coupled with fresh & quality ingredients to create the dishes. Once popular items here is Nasi Lemak Bakar. What is Nasi Lemak Bakar? Rice Fat Grilled, literally! Most of us know Nasi Lemak as fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf.

At Spice by Dien, they serve Nasi Lemak, Grilled! Cooked by Indonesian Chef, Nasi Lemak Bakar includes authentic Indonesian fare like Tapioca Leaves, Petai, Squid and Sambal Prawn. You can select what meat goes into it.

Their Signature Chili is made with the freshest & finest ingredients, and of course it’s preservative free!

It goes well with a variety of food too.

Another top selling snack, Bitterballen and Risolles. Make sure to have Bitterballen hot to enjoy the melty cheese inside. We have also tried their Soto Betawi, a type of soto/soup which is usually found in Jakarta. It comes with a bento box of shredded beef, potato, rice, soup etc. Overall we are satisfied with the taste and quality of the items. We recommend you try them too.

They have a variety of other items which we have yet to try and each week the available slots are limited, if you would like to order contact them via IG DM or Facebook




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