Tie fun wan rice and noodle bowl shop.


Tie fun wan is a locally recognised rice and noodle bowl shop. This is its second outlet.
Tie Fun Wan is helmed by renowned hotel-chef-turned-restaurateur, Chef Ken Chia, who is bringing his signature “Nanyang-style lu rou fan”, braised pork rice, and his much raved-about 72-hour slow cooked beef bowl – amongst other delectable food and side dishes – to Kovan.

Chef Ken Chia’s STRICTLY NO MSG special recipe Braised Pork Rice first made its debut in 2016, and received affirmation from fair-goers. The local stalwart quickly crystallized its status as Chef Ken Chia’s signature dish. He started Tie Fun Wan at 89 Rangoon Road. In a matter of weeks, food critics across Singapore not only gave recognition to his braised pork rice, many reviews also gave a hat-tip to his 72-hour slow cooked beef bowl.

Exclusive to this outlet, Chef Ken Chia has added to his menu, a list of delectable side dishes that are bursting with Asian flavours. They use only quality Indonesian pork and Australian Angus beef. We tried their Signature Braised Pork Rice, 72-hour slow cooked beef bowl and the Seafood Pao Fun. All these 3 are highly recommended.

50 Hougang Avenue 1 JForte Sportainment Centre Singapore 538885 (Walking distance from Kovan MRT)

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