Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen Restaurant latest new outlet at Funan B1-23


Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen Restaurant latest new outlet at Funan B1-23

Tonkotsu Kazan originates from Osaka, Japan, they are known for their tonkotsu (pork bone) broth and original noodles, served with a dash of style, in a kazan (volcanic) fashion for the burst of flavours on your taste buds. The ingredients is placed on a hot stone bowl and the broth is pour onto the bowl and immediately cover with a “volcano” shape funnel to create steam rushing out at the top of the “volcano”. After a min, the funnel is removed and the ramen is ready to be eaten. You can still see the broth boiling under the heat of the hot stone bowl. Each ramen also comes with a bowl of plain rice which you can pour onto the remaining broth in the bowl to soak up all the remaining broth and eaten like porridge.

We have tried the following Kazan ramen and would highly recommend them:

1.Beef Sukiyaki Kazan, 2.Kazan Kaisen-Shio, 3.Kazan Karamiso

Also, they have quite a lot of side dishes at attractive prices which you should not miss, including the Gyoza, Chicken Nanban and Fried Prawn. Save some space for the delicious dessert Princess Kaguya. Right now they have a happy hour promo for a bottle of Sapporo beer at only $3++

The latest new outlet opens at Funan B1-23 with very modern décor, check them out and enjoy a bowl of Volcano Ramen.

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