Shaburi & Kintan Buffet New Grand Menu 2020  


Shaburi & Kintan New Grand Menu 2020

Shaburi & Kintan Buffet has always been well know for its great value for money buffet with top quality meat and ingredients. Now they have New UPSIZED menu with more variety and side dishes to please your palates!

Some highlights include premium meat cuts such as Angus Beef SukiyakiDiamond Karubi and the crowd-favourite, Iberico Pork Collar.

For Salmon lovers, they have added Salmon Sushi RollAburi Salmon Sushi Roll and California Roll permanently in the menu.

In the new “Rice & Noodle” category, they have introduced delicious half-portioned dishes such as BibimbapTonkotsu RamenBeef Niku UdonYakisoba and more! Absolutely fresh as they are individually cooked and served from kitchen.

With such super value buffet, it is no surprise there is long Q on weekends. So make your visit early and you can also try on weekdays where you enjoy even lower price.


Regular Shabu (3, increased to 14 items)

Special Shabu (8, increased to 21 items)

Premium Wagyu Shabu (16, increased to 29 items)


Regular Buffet (12, increased to 21 items)

Kintan Buffet (21, increased to 42 items)

Premium Wagyu Buffet (38, increased to 54 items)


Regular Combo (29, increased to 57 items)

Premium Combo (51, increased to 79 items)

Get your shabu-shabu and yakiniku fix today. Details and menu below

Shaburi Menu:

Kintan Menu:

Combo Menu:

Shaburi & Kintan Buffet Jem

Address : 50 Jurong Gateway Road #03-11&12, Singapore 608549

Tel : (+65) 62624329

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